Walking and Running Shoes – What’s The Difference, Anyway?

You will not believe how many times I have told people that a shoe is NOT just a shoe! Neither is a shoe multifunctional just because it is comfy, but more on that shortly. These are two of the biggest misconceptions about shoes, and believing either one of them will end up with you wasting money or with a backache, or both.

We should also point out that no matter what shoe you choose, the addition of arch support insoles can make all the difference in the world. Why not avoid sore feet, tired legs, and even possible injuries by using a top quality insole that perfectly forms to your foot and completes your shoe.

Don’t go for pretty!

Cute shoes, pretty shoes or cool shoes are all fine and well, until you spend a lot of time on your feet. While cute is great for short periods of time, you are looking for trouble if you think it can play any long-term role in your wardrobe.

On the other hand, functional shoes are designed to protect your feet during physical activities like running, walking or hiking, and cute plays no role in protection. Trust me – the more you subject yourself to shoes that do not suit the activity, the wider you open the door to structural damage, alignment and posture issues, and backache as a result. You will be making a far wiser choice if you choose a pair of shoes that offer support and protection to your feet, no matter what physical challenges you throw at it!

Don’t go for a quick fix

Discounted shoes are popular, like those found at sales, but I cannot caution you enough against shoes that cost less but end up costing more. What the heck do I mean by that? It is easy to find a “good” pair of shoes – as in branded, comfortable and light, on a sale. It is far more difficult to find shoes that match your physical goals with what happens to be on sale that day.

Do you recollect a time when you had to partake in a certain activity where your shoes let you down? Perhaps it was a short walk that ended up being longer than anticipated, a night of dancing where your shoes pinched after a while, or perhaps running a race, and your back tried to kill you halfway through?

These are all classic symptoms of things that happen when we do not wear the right shoe for the right activity. From swollen feet to spinal pain due to misalignment, all the way down to overall body pain and fatigue, I can guarantee you that your shoes were to blame.

Your shoes should work in your favor

Far from the damaging symptoms described above, finding the ideal pair of shoes for sale means that they should fulfil a protective function, cushioning your feet against harm, providing support, and allowing for unrestricted blood flow.

Imagine how much your feet would thank you if you gave supportive, functional shoes the same time and attention that you do cute shoes! You would be free from foot-related pain, comfortable for the duration of wearing the shoes, and you’d be spending less on replacement shoes – and if that’s not a deal, I don’t know what is!

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