Video – The “Bird Island” of The Galápagos

Genovesa Island of The Galapagos Islands has been nicknamed “The Bird Island” and that moniker is certainly fitting. Considering the proliferation of the red-footed and Nazca varieties of boobies, booby island was likely the original idea for a nickname… someone must have thought better of that nomenclature.

There is a six-foot boundary rule for all animals on the islands. As humans, it was our duty to keep that distance.

Male frigates do their version of the singles bar scene. What girl could resist a bright red inflated gular sac like that?

A major highlight of our bird hike on Genovesa had to be when we spotted a Short-eared Owl eating a freshly captured Storm Petrel. These rare owls are diurnal, meaning they hunt during the day, and are the only owls known to exist that exhibit this behavior.

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David & Veronica,

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