Introducing Baby BAMF! Or How We Drove Our RV on a Racetrack

BAMF the RV. The GypsyNesters motorhome as talked about in Going Gypsy
Our beloved BAMF. RIP.

Everybody out there who has followed our GypsyNester journey for some time, or read our book, Going Gypsy, is familiar with our old friend BAMF.

He is the RV that has taken us all around North America and made our gypsy life after kids possible.

The motorhome that upon first sight, The Piglet proclaimed as “cute,” The Boy lamented “you’re going to live in your car?!,” and Decibel dubbed “BAMF” – as in bad ass mo fo.

BAMF the RV. The GypsyNesters motorhome as talked about in Going Gypsy

The name stuck, but over the past few years we have found ourselves traveling overseas much more than we did when we first set out on our adventure.

This was leading to a few issues with our old friend, such as where to park while wandering the far reaches of the globe.

Most airport lots are not very BAMFriendly, so many times we had to find a storage facility for his safekeeping while we went away.

Our new RV - Baby BAMF!

Our new RV - Baby BAMF!
Our new home has a kitchen, a bathroom and a hide-a-bed – what more do we need?

This got us thinking about downsizing (even more) and we started looking at camper vans, known as Class B motorhomes in the RV world.

We were impressed at the innovative use of space in many of these – so when old friend BAMF gave up the ghost, we knew what we wanted as a replacement.

Our new RV - Baby BAMF!
Yeah, it’s a bit tight!

This new vehicle (new to us anyway), is only slightly larger than a regular van and has everything we need, a refrigerator, stove, bed, and full bathroom with shower.

They are all just really close together, so we named him Baby BAMF.

We raced our RV at Watkins Glen International Speedway!

With spring in the air, the time had come to take the new gypsy wagon out for a maiden voyage.

We could think of no better way to properly christen our new baby than to run him around the track at Watkins Glen International.

Watch: This could possibly be the most hysterically dumb thing we’ve ever done (and this is saying a lot!)

David checks out a map of Watkins Glen Speedway before Driving the Glen

One might call it a baptism of fire, or at least smoke, as in your brakes are starting to smoke.

This would be quite a test since Watkins Glen is no ordinary oval speedway, no sir, this Grand Prix course has eleven turns, including a full hairpin, so the brakes, tires, and our nerves would all be getting a good work out.

Watkins Glen International allows you to Drive the Glen

We weren’t sure that a motorhome, no matter how small, would be allowed on the racecourse, but our friends at the Corning and Southern Finger Lakes Visitors Bureau loved the idea and set everything up for us.

Actually, we aren’t that special, anybody can drive their car around the famed track as a part of their Drive The Glen program.

Driving our RV on Watkins Glen International Speedway!

Admittedly, most people aren’t foolhardy enough to do it in an RV.

Even under the controlled conditions, following the pace car at non-Formula One speeds, it became abundantly clear after the first set of curves that this was no place for a top-heavy camper van.

David came in last, but took a victory lap anyway at Watkins Glen -
David may have come in dead last, but felt the need for a victory lap anyway!

 But Baby BAMF was a trooper, and managed the raceway without rolling over.

Many of his contents did not fare as well; there may be no better way to empty the cupboards of a rolling house than to take a series of eleven sharp turns at top speed.

Flying debris aside, we figure that since he took the checkered flag with flying colors (even if it was in dead last), he should be ready for just about anything we might throw at him in the future.

BAMF, ho!

David & Veronica,

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A big thank you to Watkins Glen International and Corning and the Southern Finger Lakes for providing this tire-squealing adventure. As always, all opinions are our own.

YOUR TURN: We’ve been using Baby BAMF as an homage – but is there a better name? We’d love suggestions! How do you think David handled himself on the track? Does he have a future in RV racing?

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32 thoughts on “Introducing Baby BAMF! Or How We Drove Our RV on a Racetrack”

  1. Hubs has completed the high performance driving course at Bondurant Driving School in Phoenix. I’m trying to convince him that we need one of those travel vans for the Voyage. Hmmmm… you see the connection here?

  2. Hubby and I have talked about traveling in Canada and the US for a year or more when we retire. A little van like that would allow you to do your supermarket visits, sightseeing, etc., all without having to unhitch a trailer, etc. Looks great to me! You could call it LAMF?

  3. So much fun! I love the idea of traveling around the US in a camper van visiting national parks, etc. and keep mentioning it to my (less than excited) other half. After almost three years without a home the idea of a rolling base sounds kind of fun and I really like how sleek it is!

  4. Hi David and Veronica,

    You guys come up with the greatest adventures. Kudos to your creativity and sense of fun. It’s keeping you young!

    Wishing you many more safe and happy adventures.

  5. Wow! Kudos to you for trying this! Cannot imagine how much it would have taken to clean it up! I want a camper van,my ideal way to travel… still need to convince hubby!

  6. How long did it take to clean up after the run around the trace? I mean pick up everything that came flying out of the cupboards. I have driven a motor-home down the Alcan and even on that with slow speeds picking up things that came out of the cupboards was a daily task.

  7. This is hilarious! LOL! What a riot! I love how sleek and streamlined the new Baby is! I would have been happy with either vehicle, to be honest, but totally understand the reasoning behind the further downsize. A lot more flexibility in parking and mobility. Plus, isn’t it going to be easier to say, “Oh, honey, let’s stay in a hotel tonight!” with batted eyelashes. Baby BAMF it is. Will you share more interior shots and deets?

  8. Nah. You have to stick with Baby BAMF—there’s history there. However, if you deem that too infantilizing, how about Lil’ BAMF—in case you downsize even more. 😉 (So, did the person who sold you Lil’ BAMF, share any roll over stats?)

  9. Call her the Babe! She is very svelte for a motor home. What make is she? I’ve been trying to convince hubby to downsize from our Winnebago Aspect. It’s great but too big for our 2 trips to the Oregon Coast every year.

  10. This is sooo cool—actually I’m referring to Baby BAMF. Maybe if Mr. Excitement sees him/her, he’ll indulge me in my RV fantasy.A girl can dream.

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