5 Things to Consider When Choosing Accommodation Near Bryce Canyon National Park

Fancy red rocks and cliffs that kiss the sky? You’ll find just that in Bryce Canyon National Park. Home to the largest concentration of hoodoos on the planet, Bryce Canyon easily makes it to every hiker’s must-visit list. Not just hikers, Bryce Canyon has something for just about everyone in the form of scenic drives, an amphitheater, a ranger program, and tons of other activities.

Visiting a place like this requires a lot of planning. One element that every traveler prioritizes when planning is accommodation. Finding a Bryce Canyon hotel, especially during peak season, is often difficult. Fortunately, planning in advance solves this issue.

But how do you choose an accommodation? You cannot simply choose one from a list of available lodgings. This article lists five factors you should take into consideration before choosing an accommodation.


This is the first factor, and for good reason. When visiting scenic spots, especially ones like Bryce Canyon National Park, distance should be prioritized. You would not want to spend a couple of hours on the commute alone. This eats up all the energy and fun from the trip.

The less time you spend on your commute, the more time you have for sightseeing and engaging in activities. A short commute to your lodging is also great when you’re tired at the end of the day and are just looking to crash into bed.

Amenities and Facilities

You’d want your stay to be as convenient as possible. The amenities and facilities the lodging offers contribute to that.

Amenities like toiletries, hair dryers, microwave ovens, dishwashers, and minibars make your life a lot easier. You may not have use for these amenities, but they’re nice to have.

In terms of facilities, look for gyms (private or public), childcare services, tourist aid centers, and other similar services that fall under lodging facilities.

Also, make sure to check whether the accommodation offers free Wi-Fi and free breakfast. Amenities and facilities will make your trip a lot more enjoyable.


Price is often a factor that most travelers consider before choosing an accommodation. There’s no point in blowing your holiday budget on accommodation.

The price of an accommodation depends on the following factors.

      1. Location
      2. Amenities and facilities offered
      3. Type and size of rooms
      4. Additional facilities for pets and people with disabilities
      5. Meals
      6. Heritage

It’s best to do your research before finalizing an accommodation. This makes sure you find the right balance between comfort, convenience, and value for the money spent.


Never underestimate the power of reviews. Once you have chosen an accommodation, don’t forget to search for guest reviews. Browse through independent review websites or booking portals to learn more about the accommodations.

How clean are the rooms? Does the lodging have rude staff? How’s the room service? Are the pictures on the website real? These are some of the questions that guest reviews shed light on.


Some accommodations have hidden charges. They may mention free breakfast in the ad but may either charge you for breakfast or say that it is only applicable for certain packages or room types.

Payment is another factor that should be taken seriously. Will the accommodation debit the amount immediately or save the information for future reference? Will you be billed for additional services you use? Will the initial payment be a small deposit or the full amount? Information about these policies will save you a headache later.

Other elements you should consider are the lodging’s cancellation policy, no-show policy, taxes, tipping policy, and other similar fees. Be sure to inquire about these before paying.

Final Thoughts

A lot of factors come into play when planning a trip, and accommodation is among them. You can avoid a lot of hassle if you remember the points mentioned in this article.

The point of a vacation is to relax. Don’t make the wrong decision and end up being more stressed than you initially were.

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