Giant Tortoises at the Breeding Center

It is a breeding center, guess we shouldn’t be surprised to see some breeding going on!

Situated about a mile from the town of Puerto Villamil in The Galapagos Islands, The Center has been instrumental in bringing the tortoise back from the brink of extinction.

Growing to over six feet long and eight hundred pounds, these are the biggest tortoises on the planet and one of the largest reptiles. No Galapagos visit would be complete without seeing some of these mammoth Testudines. We weren’t willing to take a chance on seeing one in the wild and risk missing a sighting, so we went right to the source, Isabela Island and the Tortoise Breeding Center of Isabela.

To read more about the incredible work done at the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center, click here!

David & Veronica,

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