Fear Conquering & Zip Lining 300 Feet High

With the good ole summertime upon us, we thought we’d re visit this hair raising way to cool off.

WATCH: I scream my way across the canyon!

Veronica is trying to smile through the fear before zip line in Newfoundland
Apparently this is what I look like when I attempt to smile whilst terrified!

Ziplining at Marble Mountain in NewfoundlandWho thinks up things like zip lining?

What kind of sick mind muses – “hey, let’s launch folks across a gaping canyon on a wire – that’ll be awesome!”

Well, whoever that was, I’d like to personally thank them. As crazy as it sounds, I’ve become a fan.

When I first found out that we’d be zip lining during our Newfoundland adventure, I had a major panic moment.

Zip lining, in my mind, fell into the bungee-jumping, rodeo-clowning, leaping-off-buildings-in-suits-with-wings category of antics.

Better off left to the fearless young whippersnapper types.

Not something I’d ever volunteer to do at my age (or at any age, for that matter).

But there it was, staring out from a sheet of paper, just daring me, taunting me. Intriguing me.

So I popped over to the Marble Zip Tours website – not a good move. The site features out-of-control photos and videos along with slogans like “Canada’s Highest Zip Line” and “It’s a cross between parachuting and flying.” Yikes.

Having never parachuted nor flown, this “cross” sounded like one I wasn’t willing to bear.

BUT, I had specifically told our sponsors at Go Western Newfoundland that I wanted to conquer some fears during our visit, and I was game for anything (when will I learn to keep my yap shut?), so I pulled up my big-girl panties and headed to the beautiful Humber Valley.

Waterfall view while zip lining in Newfoundland with Marble Zip Tours
A pretty good shot considering I was screaming my brains out as I took this, eh?

After getting harnessed in and going through the surprisingly hilarious safety talk, I was actually getting excited. The true panic didn’t hit until I was actually hooked on and on my way…

Ziplining three hundred feet in the air with Marble Zip Tours in Newfoundland

The Marble Zip Tour is made up of a total of nine zips, and after my first terrifying run I settled down and really started to enjoy myself. Our guides were funny and engaging, pointing out points of interest along the way that, by my third or fourth zip, I was actually able to focus on.

The valley magically morphed from a place of terror to one of the most spectacularly beautiful places on Earth.

Ziplining three hundred feet in the air with Marble Zip Tours in Newfoundland

There truly is a difference between standing on the edge of something wonderful and actually being in amongst it all. Suddenly I became more than a bystander; I realized it was the first time I felt a part of something so vast and natural – as a bird might feel.

I will be zip lining again.

Veronica, GypsyNester.com

Visit Marble Zip Tours website

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We are so grateful to Go Western Newfoundland and Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism for making this adventure possible. As always, all opinions are our own.

YOUR TURN: Would you, could you zip line? Have you zip lined? Tell us of your adventure!

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24 thoughts on “Fear Conquering & Zip Lining 300 Feet High”

  1. Glad you enjoyed the ziplining! After the first few lines, you lose a bit of the fear and can enjoy the surrounding scenery, right? The scariest ziplining we’ve done was in northern Thailand.

  2. While I have ridden in a hot air balloon, airplane, helicopter and even a zepplin, I am afraid of heights and don’t have the courage to zip-line. It doesn’t “sound” or “look fun” to me. How is ziplining with your eyes closed? Pointless?

  3. I have – twice this summer – and would definitely do it again!! I’m afraid of heights terribly, but the thrill of zip lining quickly won me over!

  4. GET IT GIRL!!! BOOM!!! I haven’t zip-lined yet, but have been thinking about it and after watching this….I’m gonna try it! How exciting!!!!!

  5. If I were ever going to try zip lining (and there is no guarantee that I will), I would want to try it in Canada. Canadians are so — well — civilized. They wouldn’t do anything wildly irresponsible — would they?

  6. Amazing. I did my first (and only) zipline a year ago. It was funny,scary, amazing but wow that Marble Mountain drop, what a drop! Brave lady!

  7. Good for you!!! I’ve been toying with the idea of ziplining… after watching your video, I think I’ll pick something with no so much ‘it’s SO far down’! I’ve heard there is a nice zip line at the San Diego Wild Animal Park… how high can that be? (gulp)

  8. Tried to watch the video but it came up as This Video is Private – wanting to conquer my fears also – hope you can fix it!

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