Exciting Things to Do in Costa Rica

When it comes to the best vacation spots in Latin America, Costa Rica is the one that has it all. From landmarks that tell the country’s story to its natural scenery, tourists are left in awe of the diverse places they can visit. In this article, you’ll learn some of the exciting things to do when traveling to Costa Rica.

What Fun Activities Can I Engage in Costa Rica?

There’s a ton of fun stuff to do when you travel to Costa Rica. It ranges from water sports to nature trekking. In this section, all the fun activities will be explained in a summarized format. Here are the activities you can try as listed:

1. Go for White Water Rafting

There are plenty of rivers when you travel to Costa Rica. It’s one of the most adventurous ways through the jungles of this country. Take note to inquire with the guides first regarding the intensity of the water current. You’d want to go white water rafting on a river that’s way too strong to handle to be safe.

2. Snorkel in their Diving Spots

Another way to enjoy the nature of Costa Rica is by snorkeling. There are plenty of diving spots on the country’s Caribbean and Pacific sides. Dive and catch a glimpse of the beautiful aquatic life living in Costa Rica’s waters.

3. Visit their Waterfalls

Waterfalls are another piece of what makes the nature of Costa Rica breathtaking. The country’s tropical landscape is home to a multitude of waterfalls. Regardless of where you hike, you’re sure to find amazing waterfalls where you go.

Take note to buy snacks at the local market before going on a day trip to these waterfalls. There are few commodities along the trails leading to Costa Rica’s waterfalls.

4. Zipline through Costa Rica’s Rainforests

Due to the varying elevations and vast amounts of greenery, Costa Rica is one of the best places for zip lining. Picture this, you are zooming high over the jungle, but strapped in safely. You get to see the vast jungles as you “fly” along the zipline path. The majority of these ziplining sites are near cloud forests.

5. Relax and Lounge at their Beaches

Swimming aside, you can relax and lounge at the many beaches of Costa Rica. There are a lot of beaches worth taking pictures or postcards of, where you can even engage in water activities. Your call is whether you want to simply lounge under the summer sun or join others in water sports.

6. Conquer the Cliffs by Canyoneering

For those who prefer a little more adventure in their Costa Rica trip, they can go canyoneering instead. Conquer the canyons by climbing them up with ropes and harnesses. Take note that this is a very risky activity so make sure you are in the company of an expert tour agency that can handle this.

7. Learn to Make Coffee/Chocolate

If you are a fan of coffee, then your Costa Rica travel will be even more interesting. Some plantations provide tours and even teach you how to make coffee. As you can see, Costa Rica is one of the world’s providers of Arabica coffee beans. You’ll get to learn how they harvest and roast the beans and the finest coffee that the world enjoys so much.

Coffee aside, some plantations provide tours and lessons on Costa Rican chocolates. They’ll teach you how it’s made and even give you a taste of it.

8. Paddleboard Among the Waves

When the waves are flat, paddleboarding is a fun activity to make use of the gentle waters. You can still enjoy yourself in the waters even if the waves aren’t standing up.

9. Surfing

Surfing is one of the most popular activities on the many beaches in Costa Rica. Experts and novices alike would challenge the rising waves and ride them while on surfboards.

10. Take a dip in their Hot Springs

Costa Rica is home to active volcanoes and that means there are natural hot springs that you can take a dip in. The majority of these hot springs can be found in the central part of Costa Rica since that’s where most of the volcanic activity takes place.

There’s one notable hot spring that’s not found in central Costa Rica though. The Vandara Hot Springs found in Guanacaste is the said hot spring. This hot spring is home to clay that’s rich in nutrients. People would rub this clay and mud on themselves as a form of natural skin care.

In Summary

The fun never runs out when you travel to Costa Rica. The many landscapes offer a multitude of activities that you can enjoy. Make sure though that the activity is something you are interested in and that you can stay safe in it. That way you can make the most out of your Costa Rican vacation.


Q.) When’s the best time of the year to visit Costa Rica?

A.) It depends on your preferences but we’ll cover both:
If your preference is to be a little bit on the budget-friendly side then visiting Costa Rica from May to November is advised. This is the rainy season and tourist activity isn’t at its highest. As a result, commodities are cheaper. However, skip a trip during October because this is the wettest and rainiest month.

If your preference is hot and summery weather, then visiting Costa Rica from December through April is the best choice. This is their dry season when the sun is its brightest. Perfect for beach and outdoor activities. Do note that tourism peaks at this part of the year and commodities will be expensive.

Q.) Do I require a VISA to visit Costa Rica?

A.) Unless you are planning to stay longer than 90 days, there’s no need to have a VISA when going to Costa Rica.

Q.) How can I travel around Costa Rica?

There are three means of transportation in Costa Rica and they’re the following:

Through cars, can be either your car or through car rentals. Make sure to have a valid driver’s license when doing so.

You can also take the public bus when traveling around Costa Rica. This is the budget-friendly option to get around. Costa Rica has a huge network of buses that can take you where you want. Be prepared for a long journey though.

Last but not least is air travel. San Jose and Liberia are the two international airports in this country. You can also fly to local airports too. Take note that they’ll cost around $50 to $100 on average. Hope you are also ready to pay more if you’re carrying plenty of luggage.

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