On the Road Again? Try These Exciting Sports and Hobbies While You Travel

Travelling is almost always really exciting, whether you’re on the road for work or finally taking that week-long vacation of a lifetime. Even if you’re a consistent traveller, landing in new destinations gives you plenty of opportunities to explore.

One way you can get a feel for a new city and culture is to try out a new sport or hobby, guaranteeing you make memories and build a lasting connection to your new environment.

Here are some travel sports or free time hobbies to try when you’re out on another jet-setting adventure.

Rent a Bicycle or Road Bike

Depending on where you’ve landed, riding a bicycle around town on a bike rental in Aspen, or touring a bigger city on a road bike/scooter can be a great way to see an area. You can feel like a local as you take in the sights on a bicycle, all while getting in some daily exercise to maintain your health and fitness.

Meanwhile, riding a scooter through narrow city streets and alleyways not only saves you time and effort trying to get around town, but it also gives you the freedom of being in control of your trip without spending it stuck in traffic, locked inside of an isolated car.

Many European cities have rental options available, even offering helmets and proper shoes in the process, so you don’t need to stress about packing the right gear.

Go More Extreme With Kitesurfing

As far as travel sports go, you’re unlikely to find anything as fun or adventurous as kitesurfing. Thrill-seekers love the concept of kitesurfing, which uses a regular surfboard and a kite for a sail.

It forces the rider to truly become one with the water, activating his/her inner core muscles to gain a serious workout without even noticing, as you simply have fun gliding across the surface.

You can learn and indulge in kitesurfing anywhere there’s enough water and wind to catch some air, available off the Gold Coast of Australia or Poole Harbour in the UK. There are many different styles of kitesurfing you can explore, from intense racing to power jumping or basic freestyle.

Once you’ve collected the necessary board, harness, kite, bindings and power bar, you’re ready to experience some extreme fun out on the open water.

Try Your Hand at Falconry

Though perhaps considered a more olden-day sport in today’s modern world, this interesting and enjoyable hobby is still active in some areas of the world like California.

For animal lovers everywhere, this intriguing activity involves training with larger birds of prey, where a trained hawk will rest on your gloved hand with ease, while also returning to its same perch when called if it takes flight for any amount of time.

If you’ve ever wanted to get back to nature or experience majestic birds up close, this could be one of the best free time hobbies for you.

Relax with Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding can be considered one of the tamer travel sports, making it ideal for any traveler who is trying to enjoy a calm, relaxing vacation.

Enjoy simply lounging and lightly paddling on a board under the warm sun as it floats on the water’s surface, or make it more active by picking up speed as you stand on the board and paddle with a long oar.

Whatever you choose, you can feel at peace on the light, rippling water without exhausting yourself in the process.

Delight in Some Competition with a Round of Croquet

While this sport might be known to many as more of a rich man’s game, there’s no reason for any jet-setter to not learn and enjoy the fun of the game while travelling.

Widely available in areas like the UK and New Zealand, croquet is a multiplayer game that’s played on an open field or lawn. It requires players to drive colored, wooden balls through a line-up of goal markers, or wickets, by using hefty mallets that are akin to golf clubs.

It’s easy to learn and can be an effective and entertaining way to spend a few hours in the great outdoors.

Fly High Above the Ground by Ziplining

Ziplining has become one of the more popular free time hobbies, especially in locations like Thailand, South Africa, New Zealand, the UK and the United States.

There are now a total of more than 700 courses to be found across the globe, making it easy for travellers to find somewhere to try it out. Ziplining is an enjoyable activity, giving adventure-seekers the chance to glide above vast forests and valleys while strapped into harnesses that are attached to galvanized steel cables.

Professional guides are always on site to help you get the most out of your experience, ensuring that any visiting tourists get the thrill of a lifetime during their stay.

No matter where you’re headed on your next destination, exploring any of these travel sports during your trip can make for some truly memorable moments that last a lifetime.

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