Tips To Choosing The Best Jaco Costa Rica Resorts When Going On Vacation

Going on a vacay in Costa Rica? Then you might’ve heard about Jaco, one of the most developed beach towns in Costa Rica with overwhelming activities. When you’re looking for fun, Jaco is the right place to be.

A lot of resorts are also available in this area, but to get the most out of your Jaco vacation, stay in one of the best Jaco Costa Rica resorts. Here are some tips to help you through it:

1. Choose A Resort With Complete Hotel Amenities

This should be one of your priorities, especially when you’re staying at Jaco for a long vacation. Although it’s fun to go around the Jaco community, complete amenities in a resort can save you time in looking for what you need, which you might as well spend while relaxing and enjoying the sunset.

Moreover, when the resort has complete amenities, you’ll save yourself from disappointments. Thus, a Jaco resort is best when it has the following facilities:

• Lounge or Bar – When you want to stay near the resort while enjoying a nightlife, a bar inside your resort is a plus.
• In-Room Amenities – Aside from the scenic resort, your room should have the essentials. An HD TV, hair dryer, Wi-Fi, room fridge, and other necessities should be available.
• Parking – If you have a car, a resort with free parking is necessary. You don’t want to book a resort without one as it’ll become a hassle.
• Diner or Café – especially when you want to taste the local food of Jaco, the in-house restaurant should also be available. So while enjoying yourself at the resort, keeping your tummy full can make your stay more fun.

2. Look For All-Inclusive Activities

Aside from having complete amenities, the resort you choose should have a package where you won’t need to spend a dime on every activity. Especially when it’s your first time in Jaco, you might need help getting acquainted with fun activities. If your resort has all-inclusive activities, your stay won’t be a humdrum experience.

Here’s a list of Jaco activities that you can use a guideline when choosing an all-inclusive resort:

• Farmers Market Tour – Some resorts offer tourists the chance to experience shopping in Jaco Farmers Market. Especially when it’s near the end of your stay in Jaco, buying goodies from this local market can be fun. You can buy fresh vegetables and fruits, and other local foods to share and savor back home.
Wildlife – If you have a package with this tour, you won’t worry about getting lost while entering the Jaco wildlife or jungle. Your resort will prepare your accommodation and travel to and from the wildlife site. All you need to do is enjoy visiting the animals. Some can even try bike rides when touring around the jungle or wildlife of Costa Rica.
• River Boat Crocodile Tour – This kind of activity may be risky, but with your resort’s package, you’ll have professional and experienced guides to take you boating along the river. In here, you’ll spot huge crocs, as well as other wildlife such as birds.
• Surfing – If you enjoy watersports, don’t miss surfing in Jaco by picking a resort that has this activity included in the package.

3. Check Out Their Customer Service

It’s no fun staying at a resort with poor customer service. Not only can it destroy your day, but you won’t get the most out of your stay in the resort. With poor customer service, you’re more likely to get poor accommodation and service. As a result, it can dampen your mood, which can affect your whole vacation.

To keep your experience at Jaco as one of your best vacations yet, choose a resort that’s known for excellent customer service. From booking to checking-out, a resort should be able to assist you, and make your stay smooth and enjoyable. Do your research and read online reviews about resorts in Jaco to know which ones have the best customer service.

4. Location

Lastly, stay at a Jaco resort with a good location. This would depend on how you want to spend your vacation. If you love going to the beach, choose a resort near the beach. If you want to enjoy a bit of solitude, a less-crowded resort would be an excellent choice. For a more tranquil stay, pick a resort that’s away from the beach, malls, and shopping or dining areas. If you have a car, you can consider booking a resort on the outer part of Jaco.

But if you want to experience the nightlife and go to popular tourist spots, choose resorts in the inner part of Jaco. This way, you can easily dine, shop, and go to bars anytime you want.


You won’t regret visiting Jaco because of the activities and resorts available. Depending on the type of vacation you want, Jaco has it all. All you need is to choose the best resort to spend your vacation in. As long as it has the basics, the resort will add more fun to your Jaco vacation.

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