Social media is an area that is generating a lot of attention these days as it continues to evolve in a way that allows people to do more and more activities while using it. What started out as a way to keep friends and family up to date with the latest developments in users’ lives has now become something far more complex. While you can still do this, it is now also a place where you can keep track of the latest news, receive regular updates about your favourites public personalities, discover a whole world of creative people, go shopping, draw attention to a social issue that you are interested in and promote your business. There are a number of other things that you can do through social media and you can be sure that number will continue to increase as social media continues to grow.

The rise of purchasing social media features

One reason for the expansion of social media into other fields is because of the large number of social media users and their distribution all around the world. Across the different social networks, there is a substantial number of people who have at least one account. As this user base is spread all around the world, it means that a considerable share of the world’s population is able to connect with each other online. This has led to some of the various developments in social media as people see the various platforms as ways of sharing their ideas and opinions with a much larger audience. Additionally, it is because of these developments that more and more people are making social media accounts. This is because they don’t want to miss out on the interaction provided by social media while they also want to contribute in their own way. Subsequently, the large number of people who are taking to social media in order to promote themselves are creating quite a lot of competition for engagement. In turn, this had led to a need for people to buy social media features in order to keep up.

Why do people pay for social media features?

Becoming a big name and being able to get a lot of attention on social media revolves a lot around how prominently your profile features on the social network in question. In order to make this happen, you need to generate a large amount of interaction from other social media users. This is done by means of getting views, likes, comments and followers, among other types of interaction. This engagement brings you more exposure and, as such, it is more likely that new people will discover your account. However, there is a great level of competition for attention these days and too often certain profiles can be left behind. One way of keeping ahead of the others is by paying for social media features. This gives you a boost in terms of interaction and will help you achieve your social media goals sooner.

Where can I get these features?

There are a number of websites which offer social media users the opportunity to pay for these features. Insta4likes.com is a typical example of what to expect. There will be numerous different offers available and it is up to you to decide what features you want most and which you think can best be put to use in attracting more people to your account. Different features are available for all the major social networks so whether you prefer Instagram over Facebook or Twitter, you will be able to get the interaction you need. For instance, if you consider Facebook there are endless opportunities to explore different things. You can also keep growing your online presence by selecting the best site to buy Facebook likes.

What interaction should you focus on?

All the main forms of interaction are important in their own way so it is best advised to get a good supply of all of them. That being said, the relative value of each interactive feature varies greatly. For example, one view does not have the same value as one follower or one comment. It is closer in value to one like but even then a like is more important. This is because of what each feature represents. A view is the most basic form of interaction: someone takes the time to view your content but that is it; they don’t give you any kind of feedback and they might not have even liked it. There is no suggestion that they will ever come back and visit your page again. It is almost automatic and, therefore, it is not given as much importance as a like. A like itself is relatively straightforward but it also tells the world that the user who has given it has appreciated something about the content.


While a like is only an indicator of the user having liked the post, a comment gives the user the opportunity to delve deeper into the why. A comment also requires more effort from the user in question and comments have the added advantage of eliciting more interaction from other users, whether it be through likes or further comments in response. Comments can also be used to tag other users and draw their attention to the content and profile in question. For all these reasons, comments prove to be more illustrious.


However, there is another common feature which proves to be more useful than comments. These are followers. Followers are social media users who take a particular interest in your profile and the content you add to it. As such, they sign up for regular updates from your account. This means that they get more opportunities for interaction with your account while also being added to your number of followers, the most common indicator of popularity used by social media users. That’s why a follower is the most valuable feature of all and one which you should take particular interest in getting.

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