Why Should I Choose Vaping Over Conventional Smoking?

Smoking is a dangerous pastime that lingers in society. There are many adverse health effects that have come to light in recent years, but if you already smoke quitting is a difficult process.

Vaping has surfaced as an alternative to smoking. Vaping allows you to regulate your nicotine intake, while avoiding the poisonous chemicals you inhale with regular smoking.

If you need encouragement to vape over normal smoking, here is further inspiration to choose vaping:

Distinctive Odor

Smoking is renowned for its horrible aroma, which can affect anything smoke comes in contact with. Nothing is free from the stench, and the foul odor is not just offensive but can put people off spending time with you. If you smoke, chances are you’re so immersed in the process that you’ve become noseblind. With vaping there is no ominous odor because nothing burns, and you’re exhaling vapor that evaporates quickly. Additionally, there are various flavors of E Liquid that give off a positive scent, making the experience significantly more pleasing on the nose. You can explore various flavors and choose one that’s right for you, and your counterparts might even enjoy the smells emitted.


Conventional smoking is expensive, even in areas where the cost of living is low. Smoking is a costly habit, especially once you total up how much you’ve spent in a month. $10 here and there soon adds up, and you’ll find yourself out of pocket for no reason. Costs continue to inflate in line with other price changes, but tobacco companies are money grabbers and want people to pay as much as possible for their slow death. Vaping is typically 1/10th of the price, and the initial outlay makes up the bulk of the cost. Once you’re equipped, you’ll simply have to pay small fees for liquid.


Smoking is linked to various fires yearly, mostly due to the fact cigarettes need to be openly lit. They consequently represent a serious fire hazard, and there is reason to believe smoking is the number-one cause of fire-related death in the United States.


Traditional cigarettes are harmful, and though there’s a lot more research to be done on the long-term effects of vaping, scientists agree that it is certainly safer than smoking. Traditional cigarettes put you at a higher risk of illness and disease, and there is countless evidence to suggest smoking damages every organ in the body. When you quit and convert to vaping, health issues can slowly clear up as you recover and unlock your true potential as a human being.


Smoking was once considered cool in society, but now the opposite is true. It’s frowned upon to the extent you can be outcasted from society if you smoke, especially if you’re constantly required to remove yourself from social situations to go outside and smoke. With vaping you can exhale in most public places and ensure your social life isn’t impeded by negative practice.

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