Dreamy Places for A Memorable Destination Wedding

Have you ever thought how your wedding day will look? Most people imagine their wedding in their hometown, a traditional approach that can never fail. Some of them imagine a big party where all the relatives and friends are invited, all happening in the idyllic atmosphere of an expensive restaurant. But what if you get a little bit daring and choose something unique? A wedding is entirely related to what you and your significant other consider appropriate, so you should not think of methods to please the guests. This day is a reconfirmation of your declared love, reason why you should make the event yours from all existent points of view. Be rebellious and transform this big event into something unforgettable – choose a destination wedding.

Not all weddings should take place inside a church or other traditional location. Begin your new life as husband and wife outside, among quiet waves and fine sand. What could be more romantic than getting married under the light touch of a beach sunset? Wedding ceremonies that take place in exotic places grown in popularity in the past few years. This subject is no longer a taboo for young couples. Exchanging vows in a mesmerizing place will make you remember this day again and again, till death do you part. Here’s a list of ethereal locations for your future wedding:


Florida is popular as the host of most picturesque beaches in North America. The gentle waves and the low depth of Florida’s waters make it an amazing option for a beach wedding. One of the destinations that are often selected for exchanging vows would be Fort Myers, a city that combines a relaxed atmosphere, cheap resorts, top restaurants and an active nightlife. Florida is appropriate for couples who would like to immerse themselves in the rays of the sun and enjoy a wedding under the open sky.

Now, there are some details you might want to know about: where to get your marriage license, choosing a venue and who to invite. Since you need to travel all the way to the coastline, be careful when selecting your guests. The wedding will be much more intimate than usual, so bring your parents, your closest friends, the maids of honor and whomever you consider important. Your best man should definitely be present to hold his speech before your paths are united. Have them help you with organizing the wedding entirely.

The Caribbean Islands

Each island has sandy beaches that await you and elegant hotels ready to host your guests. The Caribbean Islands distinguish from any other exotic location. You can choose to organize the wedding in a tropical garden, a chapel, a yacht or even on top of a promontory. Hold the afterparty at one of the many deluxe villas in the area. No matter what you choose, the outcome will be a romantic, refined, and very elegant wedding. The perfect season for getting married in The Caribbean Islands starts in May and ends in August. Try Punta Cana, Aruba or Barbados for a genuine experience. Since transportation might get expensive, buy flight tickets for all of your guests beforehand.


A traditional Mexican wedding is about delicious dishes and sunny weather. Mexico is more accessible than other locations and will give you plenty of opportunities regarding venues and restaurants. When thinking about Mexico, food and tequila are two elements that cannot miss, so if you want a wilder wedding, this is the place for you. The tropical climate and the colorful culture of Mexico are perfect for a sunny ceremony. Plus, you only need a tourist permit to get married in all locations of Mexico. Don’t forget about your witnesses and consider spending your honeymoon here as well.


Hawaii’s landscape will leave you breathless. The tropical climate, incredible beaches, gorgeous waters, and far-away volcanos attract millions of tourists each year. Hawaii would be the most suitable destination for a quiet, relaxing, yet exotic wedding. The incredible variety of flora and fauna create the superlative background for a wedding photoshoot. Beach weddings in Hawaii are quite common, the reason why getting married here is cheaper than usual. Thus, you can invest more money in after activities. You and your guests should try diving and snorkeling, visiting the numerous markets and bazaars or participate in the exuberant parades happening on the streets at night.

Considering all of the aforementioned locations, you can decide whether you are ready or not to step up the game and choose a destination wedding over a traditional one. If you are tired of seeing the same ceremonies over and over again, wedding guests you don’t even know or music that you listen to daily, an intimate, more exotic wedding can be the solution to your problems. The whole purpose of it is to remember its grandeur after years pass by. The decision is fully yours!

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