6 Savvy Ways to Save Money When Traveling Malaysia on a Budget

Malaysia is a place brimming with a multicultural ethos. It is a place filled with people from diverse races and cultures. This is what makes Malaysia so beautiful. There are high skyscrapers located simultaneously with small stores with abundant surprises. There are new constructions along the restoring ancient heritage. To go Malaysia is to learn about the bounty of the world in microcosm. Malaysia offers various locations to be visited and arenas to be felt and experienced. From the beautiful archipelago of Langwaki to the exploration of the wildlife in Sandakan, Malaysia offers an insight to experience beauty, peace and nature in a transcendental manner. Because of Thailand, it is usually seen that people give quite a less thought on exploring Malaysia speculating the high cost. But it is not so, Malaysia can be travelled easily and economically.

Plan the visit– the very main thing by which you can save you money is to do a proper research on places you want to visit. Often time it happens that if you plan to book a hotel after arriving to the place, you may find the charges are escalated or rooms are filled up. By keeping a tab on what places to visit in Malaysia , you save time and money.

Look out for places nearby– after you reach a place; make sure you talk to the locals about good places to visit nearby. For example near Georgetown, Penang is located Langkawi, a beautiful place to visit via a ferry ride. You can rent bikes or scooters at cheaper price and explore the place. The key is to talk to the natives.

Food– Be careful with food you eat whenever you travel anywhere. Always keep medicine handy. Malaysian foods are known for their spices and chilies. Ask the local for best exotic food to eat under a budget. Don’t buy much food, only as much you can eat. Keep water bottles to carry water wherever you go. There are place in Malaysia like Penang Street Food Market where you can try one of the best street food at cheaper price. There you can find authentic Malaysian food. If you are food lover and if you are on a budget, look out for good street food. Malaysian streets are hidden crests to be found and explore.

Stay– Hotel stays are the major budget consumer. You need to find a good place to stay. Staying near metro stations and location you want to visit is a smart option. Proper planning and looking for affordable Malaysia homestays is must for budget friendly travelling. You can also look out for houses that provide rent for travelers; you can cook your own food and save money. There are multiple places, which offer lodging per bed. If you plan to visit a place for a long duration, this would be an affordable option.

Traveling charges-, the best thing about travelling in Malaysia is that the transportation is easy, convenient and cheap. It is also easily accessible. Some buses in Kuala Lumpur are free of cost to travel.

Air tickets -Book your ticket at earnest to save last minute hikes. Or if planning on a spontaneous holiday spree, go for airlines with offers. Buying airline tickets is the major part of the budget list. Tickets fares sometimes are highly expensive but you can be smart, save money and fly on budget airlines. Try using multiple search engines and sign up various messaging alert or newsletter, so that you can be well informed about incoming discounts.

Finally I will tell you best 3 places to visit in Malaysia-

Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur– this is tallest twin tower in the world, magnificent and beautiful in its own manner, this place is a must visit. Along with it you can visit Istana Negara, king’s palace, to see the ancient history of Malayans.

Mari Mari culture village– located near Kota Kinabalu, this place shows visitors the arena of vivid culture and heritage.

Batu Caves and Langkawi– both of them are distinct and are popular sightseeing spot. Langkawi also offers cable ride tours.

Malaysia offers wide vistas to explore. It is a gateway to a rejuvenating experience and you can surely enjoy that on a budget friendly travel. Best possible way is to save some money beforehand so that you can spend it on buying things in places you visit. Also try to find the bestest in the cheapest. Keep in mind the above smart steps to help save some money.

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