Spa Torture Devices in Hot Springs, Arkansas

At some point along the way, someone decided that the water alone wasn’t good enough. Nope, tools — really scary tools — were necessary to supplement the healing powers of the hot springs. We had stumbled upon what looked like a Frankenstein movie torture chamber.

Mortified by the collection, we still had to look. Good God, that one has an electric plug! I don’t even want to think what a long glass tube with a 120 volt plug out the back could be used for. I actually started getting a queasy feeling deep in my innards. Things were skrintching up a good bit. Orifices were tightening in a precautionary manner, with the hope of preventing any unwanted insertions.

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3 thoughts on “Spa Torture Devices in Hot Springs, Arkansas”

  1. As a former history teacher, I remember from the turn of the last century, that physical fitness craze at that time seemed to be almost entirely devoted to the colon. That included some really horrible procedures, tools, etc. YIKES!

  2. Interesting, scary, please don’t go behind those doors !!! This reminds me of how they used to treat psychiatric patients, thankfully that’s changed too !!!

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