Tips in Finding Cheap Accommodation

Traveling, whether it’s for business or pleasure, has many perks. Aside from seeing new sights, you also get to experience a culture that’s entirely different from your own, eat fantastic food, speak a new language, and meet new friends. In short, it is an enriching experience.

Lack of funds is one of the most common reasons why people don’t get on a plane and go to the destination of their dreams. This excuse is valid. Unless you won an all-expense-paid trip somewhere, you’re going to shell out some cash for a vacation. You will have to spend on travel insurance, visa fees, airline tickets, meals, and accommodation.

Finding cheap accommodation

Despite all these, traveling doesn’t have to be depleting on your pocket. While some costs may be non-negotiable, the amount you spend on accommodation can be flexible. If you can find a cheap place to stay, you can lower your travel expenses considerably.

The good thing is that affordable lodging is available all over the world. Your choice will depend on your budget, comfort level, and destination. Hotels aren’t the only places to stay as there are other options for travelers. These suggestions can help you find the accommodation that gives you the best value for your money.

Compare rates

The Internet can give you access to numerous sites that provide information on deals being offered by hotels and hostels, as well as other accommodation types. To make the best comparison, visit multiple sites since one website’s offer for a particular room can be higher or lower than the others. Your chances of finding an amazing deal will be higher if:

You travel in the shoulder season when airfare, car rentals, and accommodations are much cheaper. A big plus is that you don’t have to deal with large crowds when sightseeing.
You stay more than one night.
You book your stay on a Sunday. Hotels accommodate leisure travelers on Friday and Saturday nights, while Mondays and Fridays are for those who take business trips.
You time your stay in the middle of the week. Hotel rates usually go up on weekends.

The biggest advantage of an online search is that sites provide search options that allow you to specify your price range. You can also have a reasonable estimate on the location and how far the hotel is from the attractions you want to visit via Google Maps.

Visit travel review sites

Besides web pages that compare hotel rates, travel review sites are also worth visiting. Most of them contain links that you can click to find cheap accommodation. Take advantage of the reviews posted on the site in choosing where you want to stay. You can cross out from your list those places with bad reviews and check out those with good ones.

Useful information can also be obtained from websites maintained by travel bloggers and enthusiasts, such as Voyage By Me. These blogs provide valuable insights into people and places around the world.

Consider room and apartment rentals

These types of accommodations are priced like budget hotels, so consider these options if your trip will take a month or more. Apartments are generally fully furnished and have a kitchen, much like a home away from home. If you cook your meals yourself, you can stretch your budget even further.

Take the location into account

Before making a reservation, check out where the facility is situated. If it’s several miles out of town, the amount you save in accommodation may just be used up for transportation. As much as possible, book a place that is within city limits, where eateries, recreation, and transport can be easily accessed. You’ll save money and time as well.

Stay in a hostel

Even with a very tight budget, you can still get a place to sleep. Simply go to relevant sites and find a hostel you like. The tradeoff of a very affordable price is that you have to sacrifice a bit of your privacy as you will likely share a room with other people. But if you like meeting other travelers and don’t need total peace and quiet while sleeping, a hostel is a great accommodation alternative.

American writer Mark Twain once said that when you look back in your life, the things you didn’t do will disappoint you more than the things you did. This clever piece of advice, given more than a century ago, still holds true to this day. So, if you’ve wanted to visit a place for a long time, don’t make the excuse that you can’t afford it. Look for a place that’s within your budget, buy a ticket, pack your bags, and have the time of your life.

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