Tips for Preparing for the MCAT

Becoming a doctor is one of the noblest things in life because you will be literally touching people’s lives on a daily basis. It is therefore no surprise that becoming a doctor is extremely difficult and only a chosen few are able to jump all the hoops. Passing the MCAT exam and getting an above average score is one of the hoops you will have to jump before getting accepted into medical school. It is an extremely difficult test that contains 230 multiple questions in five areas, and it takes 7.5 hours. Below are 5 tips to help you come out on top of one of the most difficult exams in life:

1. Have a study plan.

The MCAT test is not one of those things you just want to be spontaneous with. You have to be intentional in how much time you want to prepare and what exactly you will be doing. Some of the best scoring students take at least 3 months to focus on MCAT prep alone. In the course of those 3 or 4 months, you have to take between 5 to 8 hours a day to study and go through preparation materials. Write down your study plan so you know exactly what you are doing every day without wasting time.

2. Take weekly diagnostic tests.

There is so much material out there that you need to go through before sitting for the test and that can be intimidating. A better way to do things is to work backwards by using test questions to get answers. Though it’s important to go through reading material, take at least one diagnostic test first to measure where you are and what you need to work on.

3. Get used to full-length exams.

One of the most intimidating things about the MCAT is the 7.5 hours of sitting down doing a test. The only way to overcome this is to get used to it through practice. Build your mental and physical stamina by doing a full-length, timed test once a month. Try looking for an MCAT tutor who can help you take regular practice tests and review your answers so you can best utilize your study time.

4. Complete all the MCAT course and do regular reviews.

It’s very important to ensure you have gone through the entire course. More importantly though is to go back and review everything you have done in the past weeks or months so that you don’t forget any of the material. To avoid boredom, you can study a few subjects in a day or get an MCAT tutor who will help you make the course easier.

5. Take ample breaks.

The last thing you want is exhaustion and overload because of studying all day every day. Even though preparing for the test should be your priority, take time every day to have fun, hangout with friends and just relax and heal your mind. You should also take the day before the test off to give your mind time to process everything.

The MCAT test is not for the faint-hearted. However, with enough work, practice and taking time to teach someone else what you have learnt, you can ace that test like the doctor that you are. Be sure to do what works for you and always take care of your health.

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