Fashion Tips For Corporate Events and Trips

What you wear and how you carry it off says a lot about your intention, personality and mood. Your attire is the first form of communication with another person or a group of people. People can assume and know a lot about what to expect from you by what colours you’re wearing, your dressing style and your choice of clothes.

Fashion holds great importance not just in terms of trends and style but also functionality and comfort. So, it’s not too surprising that official, corporate events require a fashion guide of its own. Going on corporate events or team building exercises will demand you to play a certain role, which means you need to dress the part as well.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when attending formal, corporate events or team parties.

1. Keep In Mind The Crowd and Host

When choosing an outfit for a corporate event, keep in mind the host of the event and the crowd you’re going to engage with. If you know the crowd and the host, you probably know how they dress up and so try to follow the same footsteps with your attire. If the invite to the corporate event didn’t come with a strict dress code, then the best way to choose your outfit is by doing a bit of research and finding out about the kind of people who are going to attend the event.

2. Type Of Event

Is it an office party, conference, team building activity, official trip? These classifications of the kind of event that you have to go to, are going to determine what kind of clothes you should wear. If it’s a formal conference, a formal business attire would be suitable, however, if it’s an office party then you can go ahead with smart casuals. If it’s a party where it’s just a couple of colleagues from work catching up for drinks, you can be a little casual in your dressing style, not too much, because they are your colleagues after all.

3. Whenever Unsure, Play Safe

If there’s a particular outfit that’s making you question whether it’s appropriate for the event or not, it’s probably not. Whenever in doubt, always play safe with a ‘one for all’ kind of outfit. A pair of pants with a smart top from Vibe Clothing Company is something that can suit a conference and an office party as well. If you find things getting too casual, just roll up your sleeves, let down your hair and you’re good to go with your own style.

4. Office Trips

When travelling for work, there should be a variety of clothes in your suitcase. From business formals to casual, cocktail dresses, casual dresses etc. There can be different activities planned for your trip so it’s better to be equipped with the right clothes for different scenarios than to be surprised.

5. Comfort

Don’t forget about comfort when it comes to official events. You might have to move around a lot and converse with different sets of people so it’s important that you be comfortable in whatever you’re wearing.  Comfort is very important if you want to appear confident and survive a long event.

6. Company Dress Code

Most organisations have a prescribed dress code for different events. Don’t forget to refer to it before choosing your attire. The prescribed dress code of your company will give you quite a fair idea of what is expected of you in terms of clothing.


Taking care of what you wear at corporate events and official trips is important to ensure that you give the right impression to others who are present. There is a certain atmosphere and professionalism that is expected at such events and it’s important for you to be a part of and maintain it.

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