Things and Activities to Do in Olinda Australia

Olinda is a popular tourist town which is located between the cities of Kallista and Sassafras. Based on the fact that it is a beautiful quaint town that is within close proximity to the awe-inspiring Dandenong Ranges, Olinda is a popular destination that many locals visit on the weekend. The city provides a vast array of craft shops, boutique restaurants and coffee shops near the commercial centre of the city. In addition to that, it provides an abundance of activities and accommodations that can cater to the needs of tourists. In this post, we list some of the best activities and things to do in Olinda Australia, the next time you travel in Australia.

Dandenong Ranges Botanical Garden

The Dandenong Ranges Botanical Garden is an ideal place to visit if you love art, photography or if you’re just someone who loves nature. The property overlooks the Yarra Ranges which is open to tourists year-round. The garden itself is home to over several hundred thousand different species of flowers and plants. Visitors can also have a cup of coffee at the on-site café while visiting the garden.

Pirianda Gardens

Pirianda Gardens was owned by a private entity at some point, but it has since gone on to be a popular tourist attraction and is open to the public and run by the government. The property is approximately 27 acres and is filled with plants, shrubs and trees that help to make it a botanical paradise. It is open to the general public all year round and admission is free. However, many locals proclaim that the best time to visit is during autumn, where the warm colours all come together to create a picturesque atmosphere. The maintenance of the garden is conducted by the government agency – Parks Victoria. As such, there’s a wide variety of different equipment on the property such as treehouse accommodation Dandenongs, that have been placed there to help people with disabilities so they can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park.

Olinda Falls

Within the Dandenong Ranges National park, lies a hidden gem that goes by the name of Olinda Falls. The reason why it’s called a ‘hidden gem’ is that in order for you to see it, you have to go through a safe travel trail which is surrounded by tall trees that created an enchanted forest kind of atmosphere. Once you make your way through the trail and see the falls up close, you’ll quickly come to realize that it’s an ideal place to let go of life’s stresses and relax, or maybe have a picnic with your family. However, be warned that animals are not allowed at this park.

Woolrich Lookout

Woolrich lookout can be best described as being a viewing outpost that consists of a vast amount of beautiful landscapes and scenery. It is regarded as being one of the most popular viewing spots in the city because it gives visitors a bird’s eye view of the National Park. It’s also worth noting that visitors can locate two antique paintings on the property which were created in 1924.

If you’re less of a party person and more in tune with the beauty of nature, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t visit Olinda the next time you’re in Australia. From its awe-inspiring gardens to an abundance of free public parks, it’s an ideal place to go to have a memorable experience, without breaking the bank in the process.

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