Where To Go Next: 5 Top Locations To Fly In 2021

It may seem inconceivable to think about traveling amidst a global pandemic, but things are looking better for tourism. While some countries are still off-limits to international tourists, others are re-opening their doors to the world. Most of these countries have strict standard operating procedures to protect the health and safety of their visitors. Furthermore, the airlines and hotels are also doing their part to ensure people travel safely.

Travel planners report an increase in vacation bookings. And most of these vacations are bound for international destinations. However, some people would want to visit hidden gems within the USA. If you spent your quarantine dreaming of sunny beaches with Mai Tais, then it is the best time to plan a trip. We suggest going off the beaten road to isolated places.

COVID-19 Alert:

Before you venture out, do yourself a favor and check up on the travel restrictions for each destination. It is an excellent idea to get vaccinated before journeying to an international destination.

We have a list of five of the best places you can visit in 2021. Each subsection has information about the locations and a short guide on what to expect.

1. Gatlinburg:

Are you a nature lover? Do you like to take risks and challenge yourself? Do you love luxury? If you answered yes to all three of the questions, then Gatlinburg is the place for you. Nestled in the Smoky Mountains foothills, this picturesque mountain resort is a haven for those looking for a quiet, relaxing time. There are many top-notch Places to Stay in Gatlinburg TN, and most have excellent amenities. You can hike in the Great Smoky Mountains, one of the most popular hiking trails in the USA. Or you can view the majestic beauty of nature in gondolas for a breathtaking evening. No matter what you choose, there is something for everyone in this mountain resort.

2. Antarctica:

If you want to go for an adventure of a lifetime, then an Antarctic cruise is the best choice for you. But we must warn you that this location is not for those with a weak heart or shallow pockets. The trip gets exciting because of an upcoming solar eclipse, which will cast the place in an ethereal light. A tour to the tundra will make you feel like you have stepped into another dimension, with the opportunity to see unique wildlife. Most trips cost a minimum of seventeen thousand dollars with an early bird discount.

3. Maui:

Channel your inner Moana, or Maui, and travel to this Hawaiian Island. This Island is just the right size for those looking for some privacy. Bust some moves with the professional hula dancers or spend an afternoon on the golf course. The beautiful wildlife of this area can turn anyone into an animal lover. The Ocean Center is excellent for those who want to explore the reefs and watch fish interact with each other. You can also have a road trip to Hana for a scenic drive through the area and see seaside cliffs and stunning waterfalls.

4. Dubai:

The glitziest of cities, Dubai is an exciting mixture of culture, traditions, and modernity. Dubai’s Global Village is a theme park for little ones to spend a joyful day on the rides and attractions. Those looking for a little bit of excitement can take XLine Dubai to see once-in-a-lifetime views of the Marina. The Al Marmoon Camel Race track is another unique experience that represents Middle Eastern Culture. And if you want to step into the world of pre-Emirates Dubai, then take a trip to the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood. The traditional stone buildings will offer a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

5. Japan:

The “land of the rising sun” offers some crazy experiences to those visiting it. Nothing is impossible here, from dancing robots to losing yourself in bamboo forests. The Kumano Kodo is an ancient pilgrimage trail. People who want to get in touch with their inner selves can hike along this route. There are many shrines in the country. Visiting them can help you get an idea about the rich culture and history of Japan. If you are a history buff, then remember to visit Hiroshima. The Peace Memorial Museum can be a reminder of the horrors of war. While visiting such places is painful, it is vital to do so. Such experiences can help gain perspective on the troubling history of the world.

General Tips:

While all these places offer wildly different experiences, there are some tips you can follow to get the most out of your vacation. Our first tip is to become an adventurous eater. Trying new foods can allow you to experience unique tastes and smells. Furthermore, we strongly recommend getting travel insurance for a worry-free trip. So, the next time you get hurt in a foreign country, you do not have to end up in debilitating debt. Wake up early to explore the area and avoid the crowds. Not only will you click beautify pictures, but you will also get a chance to get out there and see the city wake up.


The lockdown has made everyone go a little stir crazy. Everyone is bored of staying inside and looking at the paint dry. A vacation may be just the thing you need to liven up your life and make new memories. Travel to some of these exciting destinations for a spectacular experience.

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