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Why You Need to Visit Madrid

Spain is a wonderful country and is renowned for its warm weather. The country was ranked as the second most visited country in the world with up to 82.8 million tourist arrivals by 2018. It also has arguably two of the best teams in world football; FC Barcelona. and Real Madrid C.F, which contribute as tourist attractions to the country. If you are visiting Spain, you can find more about the best of beautiful Barcelona; but how about the capital city, Madrid?

In this text, we show you the best things about Madrid and why you should consider visiting the city soon.

1.    You get to witness the best of football

Madrid is home to some of the top football clubs in the world with both Real Madrid CF and Atletico de Madrid. So, when you take a visit to the capital city, you should make sure you check out Santiago Bernabeu to witness football stars such as Karim Benzema, Toni Kross and Eden Hazard before your very eyes. You could also visit the rival team, Atletico de Madrid and other smaller teams such as Rayo Vallecano or the Rayo Vallecano B team. Plan your visit to Madrid when there’s a derby and you’d get double the fun.

2.    An opportunity to visit the National Archeological Museum

This museum is a display of the rich Spanish culture and history. What is really astonishing about the museum is that there are a variety of exciting items which display the pre-Roman era. Even though these sculptures are at least 2500 years old, the best of them look really recent and new due to the maintenance they undergo.

Some notable ones date all the way back to the 600s; such include the Treasure of Guarrazar a Visigothic which is a set of votive crowns and crosses. Another is the bust art – the Lady of Elche which is a detail-oriented art, with a headdress and coils which cover the ear of the lady.

3.    You have the opportunity to enjoy the city life of the Gran Via

During the day, the malls, luxury boutiques, Zara and street stores like H&M are filled with shoppers. In the evenings, you see lovers walking arm in arm on their way to the musicals or the cinemas. While at night, the clubs and bars are very busy with an exciting nightlife.

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4.    You can wander round the Retiro Park

The Retiro is the elegant garden that must be seen in Spring months and is the green heart of Madrid close to the Prado. Until the 19th century, the property belonged to royal blood until it was opened publicly. When visiting with kids on a sunny afternoon, you could enjoy a fun ride to the pond close by the monument to Alfonso XII, the Grand Pond.

At the front of the Retiro, also are swamp trees which, during summer, have a gold-brownish color as well as bald cypresses. Don’t forget to also check the Montezuma Cypress tree which is Madrid’s oldest tree.

5.    You get to eat out at the Plaza Mayor

Already in existence as far back as the early 1600s, this location is the perfect renaissance ground. The square is surrounded by notable residential storey buildings. You can enter the square through nine different routes. The lower parts of the building have entryways, where there are various cafes you can patronize to enjoy beverage drinks while sitting outdoors.

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