Rent a Party Boat on Lake Travis in Austin Texas

All forms of recreational boating saw a boost during and after the pandemic. As people grew stir-crazy from lockdowns and travel restrictions, many found joy in outdoor activities.

Kayaking, canoeing, and boating in general saw a rise in popularity. But, it wasn’t just activities that were curtailed by Covid. Socializing was hit hard, and friends found it hard to get together as they normally would.

For those that find the idea of boating too much like hard work, perhaps partying on a lake is a better choice. Lake Travis has long been a recreational destination. The lake is ideal for those who want to enjoy fresh air and spend quality time with friends. Lake Travis is huge, it has a surface area of about 19,3000 acres.

Even though Lake Travis is the most visited freshwater recreational site in Texas, there is plenty of room for a party boat.

Why rent a party boat on Lake Travis?

Lake Travis has clean, clear water due to its limestone base. The TCEQ puts Lake Travis in the top five lakes in Texas for clearest water making it a joy to swim in, and boat on.

If you use a Lake Travis party boat rental company then you will be able to enjoy this beautiful body of water and its scenery in the sun.

Taking your party out on a lake avoids the pitfalls of bars and clubs such as expensive drinks. And a boat party is exclusive; the only people on board are you and your guests, plus the captain.

What can you do with a party boat?

When looking for things to do in Texas, you might consider the Alamo, or check out Houston’s museum district. But, ignoring Lake Travis would be an oversight. This lake offers fishing, kayaking, ziplines, and good food. Lake Travis is also a place to party.

Bachelorette event

Bachelorette parties tend to be for small groups of close friends so a party boat would be perfect. Pontoons and barges cater for around 10 to 20 guests making them ideal.

Birthday parties

It can be tricky knowing how to plan an adult birthday party. But, a party boat can be part of a great birthday event. A few hours on Lake Travis followed by food at one of the grill houses. And don’t forget the Oasis for live music at night.

Team building

Do you work with a small team? The last few years have been testing, and many people ended up working remotely. A few hours of having drinks and catching up could be a great way to bond with your team again. Especially if many of them are still working remotely. A boat party can bring your team together for the afternoon, and remind them they aren’t out there on their own.

A sunset tour

The term ‘party boat’ might be a bit of a misnomer sometimes. There is no requirement to have a full-on party to enjoy boating on Lake Travis. Take the family for a sunset tour of the lake and enjoy a relaxing sundowner in a beautiful part of Austin.

Why do you need an excuse?

No one needs an excuse for pulling together a bunch of friends. Austin gets an average of 300 days of sunshine according to Culture Trip, so why not just head to the lake on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy yourselves?

Get the most out of a party boat

Get the best out of your day by being prepared. Any body of water carries some risk, some common sense needs to be used. Children 12 and under should always wear life jackets as standard. And there are some things you should bring with you.

What to bring

Sunscreen, food, drinks, and mobile devices to play music. Plus bring ice, towels, and paper cups and plates. Avoid glass, no one wants an accident on board.

If you know how to throw a boat party your group will have a safe and fun time on the lake.

Are party boats expensive?

The best way to approach booking a party boat on Lake Travis is to compare the options. A search online will list a few party boat operators, and there may be discounts at certain times of the year.

Expect to pay a few hundred bucks for a two-hour sunset tour. And up to $1,500 for a party on a pontoon at peak time. Typically, a boat party should work at less than $100 per person, plus your drinks and food.


If you’re looking for a good time in Austin, Texas, a boat party might fit the bill. If noisy clubs and bars aren’t your thing, and karaoke has lost its appeal, a boat party may be the ticket.

Lake Travis has so much to recommend about it including its pristine waters. Taking a party boat out could be part of a great weekend on the lake, and fit nicely between checking out live bands and swimming in the clear waters.

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