Things to do in Texas

Texas is the United State’s second largest state, so it’s no surprise that there’s a lot to do here. Also known as the Lone Star State, Texas is culturally diverse, has a deep history, and has a collection of mountains, coastal beaches, vast deserts and bountiful lakes, all culminating into a unique experience for anyone who visits. With so many things so do, however, it can be daunting to plan a trip to Texas, but we’re here to help. Here are just some of the things you can do in Texas:

1. Take a stroll down River Walk

The San Antonio River is a major waterway lined on either side by restaurants, boutiques and outdoor patios where you can stroll or dine by the river. The walkways along the river itself are below street level, which means you can be as close and personal to the water as possible without getting into it. If taking a stroll down River Walk is not your thing, then you can take a cruise on a riverboat, or even dine in one of the many dinner cruises available here.

2. Get a glimpse of space

One of the most popular attractions in Texas is the Houston Space Center. It’s less than a 30-minute drive from downtown Houston and is a great place to learn about space exploration. You may even get the chance to meet an actual astronaut. Tours in the Space Center allows visitors to see a replica of a space shuttle and Skylab, America’s first space station. Other highlights of the tour include glimpses of rocks brought back from the moon and Mars, as well as exhibits on rockets, the moon landings, and many more.

3. Walk on the deck of the USS Lexington

If you’re a World War II history buff, then visiting Corpus Christi, Texas has something for you. Moored just off the shore is the legendary USS Lexington, a famous World War II aircraft carrier that has been converted into a naval museum. Visitors on tour of the Lexington will be treated to a huge collection of vintage aircraft, as well as a trip down the crew quarters and good view of the city on the bridge. There’s also a flight simulator here that allows you to see a 3D movie while sitting in the pilot’s seat.

4. Catch some fish at Fork Lake

Located just a few hours’ drive from Dallas, Fork Lake is one of the state’s premiere fishing spots for bass. The lake itself is known for producing record-breaking fishes, thanks to how well the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department managed the surrounding area. The fishes introduced in the lake thrived soon after the nearby dam closed and has become a reliable source for large fish ever since. If you decide to fish here, you’ll need a reliable rod and plenty of skill. If you’re not so experienced with fly fishing, we recommend one of these to the catch bass in Fork Lake. Depending on what type of fish you plan on bagging, you’ll need the right kinds of equipment, because the fish on this lake are no joke.

5. Remember the Alamo

The Fort Alamo in San Antonio, Texas was the site of one of the most famous last stands in military history. Built by Franciscan priests in 1744, it was later converted into a fort in 1836, and became famous when 187 people defended the fort against 3000 Mexican Soldiers during the Texas Revolution. The defenders ultimately were defeated, but the battle inspired and rallied the state to eventually defeat the Mexicans. The landmark is now a museum, where people can see weapons, artifacts and everything else related to the fort’s history.

6. Tour the State Capitol

Built in 1888, the Texas State Capitol in Austin is the site of one of the United States’ greatest state legislatures and is now a National Historic Landmark. Standing more than 300 feet tall, it is an impressive building full of history. Tours of the interior are available for those who want to know more about the history of the state and the building itself. The capitol building also has a 22-acre park with a collection of monuments honoring many of the events that shaped the country, such as the Vietnam War and the Battle of the Alamo.

7. Take a hike at Guadalupe

A short drive east of El Paso, Texas takes you to the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, where you can see the tallest peaks in the state. This national park is rich in wildlife and is a great place to explore if you love nature and love to hike. There’s more than 80 miles’ worth of trails running through the park, each taking you through beautiful woodlands or magnificent canyons.

8. Spend time at the beach

Texas has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the United States, with Galveston being one of many beaches that line its coasts. What makes Galveston popular is it’s often calm and shallow waters, making it a great summer vacation for families with children. If the beach isn’t your thing, then you can also play and have fun in the Pleasure Pier, a famous amusement park close by.

9. Explore the Natural Bridge Caverns

If you like spelunking, or just taking a stroll down cave systems, then the Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio is just the place for you. The cave network itself has more than 10,000 stalactite formations you can explore, making it one of the biggest cave networks open to the American public. Outside the cave systems, you can also enjoy several activities, such as zip lines and treetop climbing attractions.

10. Experience culture in Houston’s museum district

The heart of Houston, Texas is home to the city’s museum district, where 19 museums can be found. This district has a lot to offer, from natural history museums to museums of fine art, offering a glimpse not only to the state’s history, but also its high culture. Many of these museums are generally walking distance from one another, so visiting each don’t require much commute.

Final Thoughts

Metropolitan centers, vast natural parks, beautiful sandy beaches, and even a space center; by sheer diversity alone, Texas is one of the best holiday spots in the world. It certainly has a lot to offer, and if you’re in to one thing or another, then chances are you’ll find something you’d like in the Lone Star State.

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