Tips To Learn Mandarin Chinese When Living In Singapore

Since Singapore is considered as a melting pot that houses a lot of nationalities in the country, there are four official languages that the government recognizes. These are English, Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin. Most Singaporeans know how to speak in English and can speak their native tongue.

If you’re living in Singapore and you want to be acquainted with the other official languages, mainly Chinese, here are some tips on how you can learn to speak a different tongue quickly:

1. Enroll in Mandarin classes

Enrolling in Mandarin classes is the best way to learn the language well. Lessons will cover the basic words that you frequently use in everyday conversations, up to the coherence of words that will build your language skills at the conversational level.

Since Mandarin is a complex language, it’s better if a language professional can guide you. Especially if you’re learning to write Chinese characters, it’s challenging to do it all on your own and learning it without supervision. One single stroke can mean a different thing and can mess up the whole thought.

Choose an academy or language institution that conducts short-term classes on Mandarin. Find a reputable institution based on the instructors and their credentials, as well as the testimonials of their clients.

One of the language centers that you can check out is Yi Mandarin as it’s strategically located in the central part of Singapore. The company boasts of a wide range of clients, usually multinational companies that have businesses in Singapore. Especially if you’ll be learning Mandarin because you need it in your career, this training school will be a huge help.

2. Through online tutoring

Virtual learning is now popular nowadays. In the comfort of your home, you can even earn a certification or an online degree without having to go to a university.

You can choose to get a paid online tutorial session through companies that specialize in teaching Mandarin Chinese for foreigners. This option provides a deeper understanding of the complexities of the language. The process of learning is similar to when you’re taking actual classes. However, if you want to learn with a more personal approach, it’s best to choose online tutoring over a traditional classroom setup since you’ll have a one-on-one session with your instructor. Also, the schedule is more flexible and can usually be arranged with your instructor. If you’re busy working and you can’t squeeze in time to attend classes, this option is perfect for you.

3. Do it yourself

If you want to learn the most basic of Mandarin Chinese, you can do so by self-studying. There are a lot of books that can serve as your references when learning the language. You can also look for online resources online that can provide you with additional information.

The other option is to search for online videos about basic Mandarin, where you don’t even need to spend a single penny. However, the extent of the knowledge you’ll be having is quite limited. Also, if you have difficulties and are fond of asking questions, you can’t rely on someone that will respond and correct your mistakes.

4. Daily communication

Another great way to learn the Mandarin Chinese language is by incorporating it in your daily activities. You’ll hear people speaking in Chinese even in food courts. Since most of the people residing in Singapore can speak Mandarin, you can immerse yourself with them and try to learn from them.

Don’t worry as you can start with a few words, then build your vocabulary as time goes by. You can also establish friendships with Chinese speakers, and during your conversation, you can learn a few words from them. Most people find it easier to learn the language if they can use it frequently and can practice it in their daily conversations.

5. Read, listen, and translate

You can also practice your Mandarin in different ways like listening to simple Chinese audio or simple written phrases, then translating them to English or vice versa. This is a simple task that you can devote even an hour every day to practice both speaking and writing the language.

If your knowledge is still limited, you can use some mobile apps that will translate these simple phrases to English syllables so you can practice speaking and writing as well.

Final thoughts

Learning another language is useful, especially if your work involves building collaborations and working with a lot of people. Mandarin is one official language in Singapore that can be handy if you’re living in the country. There are lots of ways to learn the language, but to be good in it requires a lot of practice due to its complexity.

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