How the Right Radar Can Save You from Countless Speeding Tickets

Police speed radars are devices that send invisible electromagnetic waves and receive them; they are used by the police to determine if the speed of a vehicle is over the allowed limit or not. A radar detector can work in a similar way to detect such waves emitted from a police radar gun, it can give you a visual and audio representation of the length of the wave. By using a radar detector, you omit the element of surprise of police radars that can catch you off-guard. A radar detector is used not only to contest wrong readings by radars or officers, but also used to avoid them altogether. We’ll be giving you some reasons that will help you see for yourself how using the right detectors can save you from a lot of unfair speeding tickets and money.

Techniques Used to Detect Vehicle Speeds

Pacing is a technique that relies on a police officer following the speeding vehicle around for a certain duration at a close distance, then relying on the officer’s speedometer to determine the speeding vehicle. Aircraft speed detection uses two possible methods to calculate the speed of a vehicle on the road; one, by using highway markings with a known distance to calculate the time it took for the vehicle to pass in-between; second, by pacing with the aircraft over two marks which distance is known already and using a stopwatch to compare it to the vehicle’s time.

Wrong Readings are Common

Most of the time, the human element accounts for a lot of mistakes and unfair readings. In the above-mentioned scenarios, which are the most common, pacing and calculations can be confusing and cause a mishap in identification of the vehicle and its speed. Radar detector gives you the jump on police radars to know if they are active or not, slowing down can help you avoid a lot of needless tickets like being 5-10 mph over the speed limit.

Quality of Radar Detectors

When you buy a radar detector, you shouldn’t expect to pay a fortune since they are relatively cheap, this is why it’s recommended not to pick the cheapest option. You should consider if the design, size, and features are going to be suitable for you. Some would prefer to choose a small discreet detector so it won’t take much space off the dashboard, others go for ones with big screens that provide a lot of useful information. You can check some reviews of the Uniden R7 to know what top-of-the-line radar detectors can do. A radar detector can be also be custom built and then integrated in the internal body and functions of your car.

Before you rush and go on a radar detector shopping spree, you should always check if such devices are legal in your state or city or not. They are legal in most states, but checking if yours is legal or not can help you avoid even bigger problems. Consider it as an investment that can help you drive safely and give you accurate depictions of construction work, stopping cars, and police radars.

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