Solo Travel in Israel: how to make the most of your trip

Israel is an appealing country with a unique culture and many places perfect for sightseeing. But is it safe for female solo travelers? Well, contrary to what the news portrays, yes – the holy land is typically considered safe. The people in the country are generally very friendly and respectable to women, and they are also helpful, so if you get lost and need to ask for directions, there will likely be someone who will provide the information you need. Plus, as a woman, you are free to wear whatever you want without getting unwanted attention – holy places are the only exception, as they require a specific dress code, not only for women but also for men. From exploring culture and religion to relaxing at the beach and enjoying stunning landscapes, Israel has much to offer visitors, so you won’t run short of things to see and do in the country. However, if you don’t feel comfortable traveling alone to Israel – for whatever reason that might be – you can look for Christian tours to the holy land, as different options are available so you can have a smooth and memorable trip.

Nevertheless, solo traveling is great in many ways, and with the right tips, you will have the time of your life during your trip to Israel. In this blog, we will share some ideas on how to enjoy your vacation to the holy land, so keep reading.  

Explore the main cities

Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are incredible destinations for travelers, and the two can offer unique experiences. While Tel Aviv is a modern city famous for its nightlife, Jerusalem is a place of pilgrimage where you can connect with your spirituality on a deep level. These two cities can be easily reached by train, bus, or monit sherut. The last transportation option is a service taxi, and although getting the hang of it can be pretty difficult, it’s one of the most effective ways to get around Israel. Many travelers prefer to go to Jerusalem mainly due to its historical, religious and cultural value. But Tel Aviv is also incredible – once you get there, expect to enjoy a vibrant atmosphere, with many cool cafés and an impressive street art scene.

Relax at the beach

Israel is famous for its fabulous beaches where you can relax in the sun or indulge in water activities, as some spots are great for surfing, swimming, or diving. Tel Aviv offers plenty of stunning options which are hard to ignore, such as Sironit Beach in Netanya – a tropical paradise where you can participate in volleyball competitions, swim, or show your impressive salsa moves! Banana Beach is also a great place to chill out and do windsurfing or surfboarding. And if you’re looking for a place with healing powers, you must definitely visit Mineral Beach. This Israeli beach has plenty of resorts where you can get a holistic massage. But the list doesn’t end here; there are so many other options, including Herzliya Beach, Hilton Beach, Ajami Beach, and so on.

Visit the local markets

There are plenty of open-air markets in Israel, such as the impressive Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem, and the Shuk Ha’Carmel in Tel Aviv, which is also worth visiting. In these markets, vendors sell produce, food, beverages and other wares, and bargaining is a common practice, so don’t hesitate to push for a deal! You may get a significant discount that is 40% to 50% cheaper than the original piece. Bezalel Arts Fair is another interesting open-air market in Jerusalem, displaying beautiful local arts and crafts and souvenirs.

Learn useful Hebrew words and expressions

Language can be a barrier when visiting a country, but this isn’t the case for Israel, as most people in the country speak English at a decent level. Thus, you shouldn’t have any difficulties speaking with locals. However, learning a few essential words and expressions in Hebrew may be useful. While it’s true that no one expects you to know the country’s language, locals will likely appreciate your effort to talk to them in their native language. Don’t worry – no one will judge you if you mispronounce the words! On the contrary, this will be positively received because it shows that you want to connect with people. As you start your language-learning journey, you may fall in love with Hebrew and even consider taking your skills to the next level by getting some Hebrew grammar books.

Give local food a try

You can enjoy an incredible culinary experience in Israel, as the country is perfect for those who love fresh, flavorful food. You may have eaten hummus before, but we can tell you that it doesn’t compare at all to the one that you can eat in Israel! It’s the same for shawarma and falafel – even if you’ve had these dishes before, your culinary experience will be much different if you eat them from an authentic local shop. Another traditional dish you should try is shakshuka, which is made with eggs and tomato sauce. However, there are many immigrants in Israel, so expect to see different foods here, including Iraqi food and Ethiopian food.


Last but not least, traveling to Israel is supposed to be fun – as long as you allow it to be that way. Due to the country’s volatile nature, Israelis know how to defend themselves, and thus, safety is a priority in Israel. This means that security guards will always be on alert when you go to a club or the mall – or any other public place. This does not mean you shouldn’t exercise judgment, so avoid walking alone at night or going to dangerous confrontation areas.

The bottom line

Solo traveling can be a great experience, but women can put it off for safety reasons. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about this when visiting Israel, so book your flight and prepare for a memorable trip.

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