Playing Golf While Traveling: How To Make it Work In 4 Easy Steps

Golf travel can be an exciting way to maximize your enjoyment while on vacation but can also be a nightmare if you don’t have a plan. Here are four steps to follow that will allow you to relax and make your golf trip the best one ever.

Finding a Destination

Traveling to play the best courses in the USA can be an adventure that will carry you with stories to share for the rest of your days. This is true, especially if you find a destination that is special to you and if you are bringing other golfers along, the rest of your playing party. By doing your homework ahead of time you can truly create a memorable blueprint for a great golf trip.

Another unique aspect of finding the right golfing destination is by finding a course that routinely hosts major championships or Ryder Cup tournaments. In the United States, thousands of golfers annually travel to play TPC Sawgrass in Florida, Pebble Beach in California and Bethpage Black in New York for their historic appeal. 

Make sure that you protect your clubs for the plane

It is vitally important that you protect your golf clubs before baggage handlers load them onto the plane. Too often, golfers underestimate the wear and tear that clubs endure when flying and tragically open their clubs later on to find a driver snapped in two parts. Typically one item that is often overlooked are the golf club grips – they are likely the ones that will suffer the most, because they are in direct contact with the case. To avoid this unfortunate circumstance, several proven methods will give your clubs the best chance to make it to your destination in one piece.

First, if possible, make your flight non-stop. With each transfer of planes, you place your clubs in a higher risk of being mishandled and damaged. Next, finding a hard shell case and protecting your clubs by securing them inside the bag will assure that your clubs (especially all of your wedges, as they are more fragile) make the plane ride without a problem. Finally, if you are worried about the risk of taking them on your own, then utilize one of several shipping companies that send golf clubs across the world and will provide insurance if damage occurs.

Before you leave for your trip, call the course and confirm your reservations

When you are within 24-to-48 hours of your departure time, it is wise to call and confirm all the services you are using to help you pull off your trip. For example, nothing is more important than calling the course and confirming your tee time.

If you are staying and playing at a golf resort, then call the front desk and double check your reservation and playing details. Reassuring that there will be no surprises with your golf day further allows you to focus on unwinding on your vacation.

Arrive early for your day

One of the big problems that travelers needlessly introduce into their vacation is overpacking their days with activities. So here’s a suggestion; when you are coming up on your golf day, emphasize simply enjoying the day.

If you are playing at a club with a restaurant, arrive early and have a meal. After you eat, allow plenty of time for warmup and range time. Also, see if the course has a yardage book or have a discussion with the professional for any tips to play the layout.

In the months prior to taking your vacation, another a great tip to consider is taking the time to read reviews of the course. Other golfers who have played the club recently will offer advice for everything from the conditions of the course to the best place for a snack or even the best attire to wear during your round, for example the perfect golf shoes to buy based on the golf course’s terrain and size. You can assemble a small notebook to help you guide the course you have chosen to play.


For the avid golfer, traveling to exotic locations to play historic courses can create memories that last a lifetime. But it is always smart to prepare in advance and double check your accommodations before you leave. By doing that you assure your golfing experience will occur without a problem.

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