7 Valuable Tips For Better Sleep While Travelling

If you travel frequently, you’ll know how difficult it is to sleep when in transit. From reasons ranging from stress and tension about missing a connection, or activities when you arrive to simple discomfort, sleep is something which doesn’t always happen when we’re getting from place to place. However, with a bit of care, you could make things potentially easier for yourself. All you need to do is follow some of these tips listed below for you.

1. Drink Water

When you’re away from home, try to consume large amounts of water. Staying hydrated relaxes your body and mind, while allowing you to get better sleep. These guys at Foam Nights will tell you better. If you’re travelling, ensure that you carry with you a bottle of water, or get yourself one during the journey. It’s amazing how much water can keep you fit.

2. Choose Your Hotel Room Wisely

Do not compromise on your hotel room. When out of station, ensure that you get a room with large comfortable beds. Stuffy rooms may be detrimental to your comfort experience. Rooms on the top floor with a large view should be preferred as they are less noisy. Get a hotel in a relatively quiet area.

3. Fly Upgraded

Fly biz class or first class at least, if you would like an enhanced experience on long flights. Many people try to fly on the cheapest ticket because well, it’s less harsh on the pocket, but this may not always be the best thing to do. When flying for long hours on transatlantic crossings or on overland long routes, it is safer and more recommendable to choose an upgraded ticket. If you fly frequently, miles do the job.

4. Don’t Compromise on Your Airline Choices

Some airlines offer budget options which will be very friendly to your pocket. However, when travelling this may not always be the best choice. Put in a little more and spend on airlines which allow more legroom, as this will provide for a more comfortable travel experience. Note that some websites allow you to view the legroom and services offered by each carrier before you book the tickets.

5. No Alcohol

Alcohol affects your sleep when you’re travelling abroad. Try to avoid heavy drinking at all times. Keeping your body cool is key to getting sleep. If you need to drink at all, avoid sleeping times. Small portions may be allowed if you’re used to drinking frequently.

6. A Sleeping Kit

This could be a thoughtful present for someone, if you’re looking for a gift. A sleeping kit has all the essentials you need for a comfortable period of rest. Here, you find a nice, soft, neck pillow, a pad to drape over your eyes, balm for your headache and more. Carry this little kit around when you travel and you shall be able to virtually say goodbye to all your sleep deprivation worries.

If you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnea, it’s recommended to travel with your CPAP machine. Worried about its weight and size? There are CPAP machines that are portable and practical for out-of-town trips and adventures. Your doctor probably wants you to continue with the therapy every night and sleep peacefully, just like you do at home with your device. Check out the numerous options for a travel-friendly CPAP machine.

7. Get Some Exercise

One of the other reasons we often lose our sleep is because of fatigue and stress. Exercise is the way to go. It helps improve the blood flow through your limbs and make you feel better. Exercising also helps you feel fresh and more active. When travelling long journeys on a train, bus, aircraft or ferry, try to rotate your feet in clockwise and anticlockwise directions to prevent them from getting numb. If travelling by car, you could always stop for a break when you feel like it.

Sleep is a universal favorite. Who doesn’t like to be tucked in for a comfortable night, away from worries and in rest? Sometimes, the conditions are not so comfortable as we need them to be, but that never means you need to sacrifice on this vital part of your day. So, tuck in and set off for Bedfordshire before the morning arrives too soon!

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