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Who We Are

The GypsyNesters

Upon sending our youngest out into the big, wide world, we set out to break the empty nest rules by selling everything and hitting the road. To become more than empty nesters, to be gypsies, GypsyNesters!

Along the way we rediscovered the couple who fell in love years ago.

We’ve been full-time travelers since 2008!

What We Talk About

Going Gypsy
Baby Boomer Travel
Empty Nest LifestyleFear Conquering
Quirky Travel
Regional Food
The Parent/Adult Child Relationship
How it feels to get older
Helicopter Parenting
Boomerang Kids

What we DON’T talk about: politics, religion, sex, hate.


What We Are Available For

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Feedback from Conor O’Shea of Road Scholar regarding a South American adventure we covered for them:

“You really brought the program to life for all of our readers. I’ve worked with this particular program for over a year but you and David made me feel like I was actually taking it for the first time. The entries were so illuminating, informative and entertaining- we couldn’t have asked for more! The videos and photos complemented your blog posts so well and you utilized your social platforms like pros. Whenever anyone asks about the program now, I know exactly where to send them.

I cannot impress enough how wonderful you two have been throughout this project. You’re exceptionally kind, warm, adventurous and hard-working people.”

More testimonials – we’re feelin’ the love!

Why We Do It

When we began to think about our lives after raising kids, one of the first things we did was Google “empty nesters.” We wanted to see if anyone else was looking at this time of our lives the same way that we were. With a feeling of “isn’t it great that the kids have moved out and we’ll have life to ourselves again?” To be untethered and free. To wander the globe. To be GypsyNesters instead of empty-nesters.

Just about everything we could find was lamenting how terrible it is that the kids aren’t around anymore. Even worse, the biggest item on the first page we clicked into was an enormous ad for an Alzheimer’s patch.

We immediately saw the need for a different viewpoint.

Read our philosophy here

Why Baby Boomers?

– There are more than 70 million Baby Boomers in The U.S. and over half of them have adult children and would qualify as “empty nesters.”

– Boomers hold 70% of disposable income in the US,

purchase 80% of luxury travel, close to 100% own computers, and 71% go online every day. Source:

– The 2010 Del Webb Baby Boomer Survey found that 26% of Boomers say they will feel like newlyweds when their kids are gone and even more, 34%, say they will feel closer to their spouse without the children around. Over half, 57% feel an increased freedom to be themselves.

Where and How We Connect

The GypsyNesters have 70,000 followers and subscribers on social media and more than 3.3 million views on YouTube. had over 33 million hits and 1.4 unique visitors in the past year alone. notes that: Based on internet averages, appeals more to women who have no children living at home, both high- and low-income, highly educated people browsing from home. Click here for our Alexa score

Huffington Post: We are signature contributors on the Post50 and Travel verticals on Huffington Post.

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Please send all media inquiries to [email protected]

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