Instant Pot Comparison: How It Compares Against Other Cookers

As technology continues to upgrade these days, a lot of people have been talking about Instant Pots and how they change the way people handle their kitchen tasks. It also appears that everyone in the family has this well-branded electric pressure cooker hanging out on their kitchen counters, and has been utilizing them for a variety of purposes. However, Instant Pots aren’t only the available cookers in the market. To help you decide which kitchen option works best for you, here’s how Instant Pot is different from other cookers.

Instant Pot Defined

When we talk about Instant Pot, it’s a programmed electric pressure cooker that consolidates the preparation and cooking processes in one device. As they’re technically known as multi-cookers, they perform many functions depending on the model you choose. These programmed functions may include:

Pressure cooking
Rice cooking
Slow cooking
Sauteing or browning
Yogurt making

If you want to learn more about Instant Pots and their respective item models, you can check the Instapots website for more information.

The Different Features of an Instant Pot

With the advent of Instant Pots in the cooking industry, it feels like it’s an easy-to-use tool for both chefs and non-chefs. You just have to throw all the ingredients in, cover it, and press the “start” button. To know how an Instant Pot is different from other cookers in the market, let’s understand its various features. Check them out:

1. Design
The design remains to be an essential feature for any kitchen tool. After all, you want a product that doesn’t only function well but can improve the aesthetic value of your kitchen. That said, an Instant Pot is designed for perfect cooking. Available in different sizes, its interior is made of a stainless-steel material that makes it classy inside and out. Unlike other power cookers, an Instant Pot is built with some extra decorations. Its lid is composed of a pressure valve and a food blockage seal on the interior, which are ideal for cooking.

2. Usage
Similar to other cookers, particularly a power pressure cooker, an Instant Pot can be used with a timer available. When you press the button, it beeps. When you preheat it, it also beeps. By having this kind of feature, you can really pay attention to what you’re cooking. If you want to change the button, you have to cancel the first one and press the other function you like.

3. Cooking time
With an Instant Pot, the cooking time differs from the type of food you’re cooking. However, what’s good with this kitchen tool is the time it gives to heat the pot, which is more or less 5 to 10 minutes. Once it gets preheated, the cooking time is very fast such that you can cook a frozen chicken for approximately 10 minutes. As far as cooking time is concerned, an Instant Pot may have the same function with other cookers.

4. Versatility
As mentioned, an Instant Pot has a multicooker function such that you can cook a dozen meals, such as steaming veggies and browning several kinds of meats. For instance, you can make soups, porridge, stews, and other slow cooking dishes. With its multiple functions, you can cook some stress-free camping recipes easily. Unlike other cookers, cooking with an Instant Pot means you can bake cakes and make yogurts. Although it has a baking function, it’s only limited to making cakes.

5. Cost
Unlike other cookers that are way cheaper, an Instant Pot is undoubtedly expensive because of its durability. The materials used are durable, and the features are built with a sturdy design, making it worth every money you spend.

6. Canning function
Another difference between an Instant Pot and other cookers is the canning function. Other cookers such as a power pressure cooker have a canning function while the Instant Pot doesn’t.

7. Warranty
An Instant Pot provides you with longer warranty compared to other available cookers in the market.


Regardless of what kitchen tool you choose, you should do market research first to find the best cooker that works for you. Make sure to identify which functions you’re looking for before making any purchase. If you think an Instant Pot is the perfect cooker that meets your budget line and needs, keep all the information above in mind to make your buying decision much easier.

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