Travelling To Countries With Strict Traditions

When you decide to travel abroad you really need to have in mind the special traditions and customs of the country. Some countries, particularly those in the Middle East and Africa are known for their strict traditions and modesty. If you fail to understand their way of living, you may find yourself in trouble and trust me, you do not want such a thing to happen. So, what exactly should you have in mind before traveling to those countries?

Dress code

Both men and women should follow a specific dress code when they travel in the Middle East. You should not wear shorts, short tops or see-through dresses and you should not let your arms and legs bare. It is also, important that women carry with them a headscarf and wear it, particularly when they visit a holy shrine or a Mosque. For single women who wish to travel alone, wearing a ring that looks like a wedding band can save them from undesired attention.

Legal system

The legal system in the Middle Eastern countries is a lot different than the European or the American one. Suspects can be held without the slightest notice and legal representation is not immediately allowed. It has also, been observed that even a National Embassy of another country may not be notified if a foreigner is arrested. For this reason, try and stay out of trouble and avoid getting yourself involved in any kind of dispute with the locals. Although the legal system is strict enough, you should always have in mind the chance that something unforeseen like robbery may take place. For this reason, have an exact plan of the places you are going to visit. If you are traveling by plane, for example, with the emirates airline, be sure that you know from beforehand the exact place of the airport and how you are going to move from there to your house, hostel or hotel.


The Middle Eastern countries are known for their persisting trading. If you come across any persistent souvenir hawker, try and stay calm. Do not get angry or raise your voice to them. It is preferable that you just say politely but still firmly that you are not interested. Generally talking, learning some basic Arabic words is a good solution, as it will make you seem polite and respectful of their culture.


Make sure that you keep any expensive phones and cameras in cases and away from curious eyes. Although street crime in those countries is usually lower than in more developed countries, due to their stricter rules, it is still preferable to avoid provoking your luck. Moreover, you should be careful about taking photographs of monuments, statues or people. The rules are quite authoritative and you may find yourself in trouble if you don’t pay attention to the special signs that may forbid you from taking photos.

Traveling to countries with strict traditions is not something forbidding or really dangerous. You just have to be a bit careful and know from beforehand the special way of living, as well as the customs of the locals. That will save you from getting involved in nasty situations and it will enable you to spend a quiet and without unforeseen circumstances trip.

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