How to Pack for a Weekend Trip to the Mountains

Although the mountains are mostly winter attractions, many tourists choose them in summer too because of the beautiful nature that comes to light under the sun. To be sure that you pack everything you will need during this active vacation; we prepared some guidelines regarding the most essential stuff you shouldn’t forget to bring.

What kind of boots to bring?

The main role of boots is to provide you with firm support and to protect your feet from external conditions. It doesn’t mean they can look nice on you if they have to be functional. It will be good to find some durable but cute boots if you are planning to travel in them as well as wear them on the mountain. Soft and comfortable ones are used for spring, fall and easier climbs. If you are going to walk on rocks or through snow be sure to use deep, sturdy, possibly waterproof boots. 

Functional backpack

Backpacks are an important piece of hiking gear. They are convenient for carrying food, drinks and extra wardrobe. Also, you will store in them layers of clothing that can become excess during your walk. They should be waterproof to protect the equipment and supplies. Accessories you can also bring in a backpack are a compass, a flashlight and some spare batteries.

Workout underwear

It plays a role in collecting sweat from the skin and transferring it to the upper layers of clothing. To maximize its functionality, your active underwear should be made from a stretchy material that hugs your body. The best one is made from a material that will wick sweat from you and can dry fast.

The second layer of clothing

Its main role is functionality and good protection. It is important that it is light and is not too tight. Besides, it should preserve, not create body heat. The thickness of the sweatshirt depends on the current weather and it is an indispensable part of the wardrobe, especially at low temperatures. This layer is preferably made of lightweight synthetic materials that don’t absorb sweat and are dried quickly. 

A hooded jacket

They are usually two-layered and are made of breathable synthetic materials whose primary role is protection against rain, snow and wind, without making you sweat. Colorful jackets are recommended for safety. They should have plenty of pockets and ventilation zippers. Your jacket should be light. 

Comfortable pants

The best pants are those made of synthetic and elastic materials that dry quickly on the body. Regardless of the season and hiking conditions, walking in long-leg pants is recommended (protection against insects, snakes, etc.). It’s a good idea that they are a little wider, more comfortable and that they have functional, deep pockets. You can also hike in a tracksuit.

Other important clothing

Mountaineers usually wear two pairs of socks – one pair of thin cotton ones and a pair of thicker ones (wool or cotton), depending on the weather conditions. You will also need a hat or a cap. The most important thing is that it performs its function – in winter it protects your ears, and in summer your face, ears and neck. Gloves are a significant part of the equipment, as even the slightest drop in temperature is first felt at the tips of the fingers.

Don’t forget the first aid kit

Each trip requires an adequate travel pharmacy kit that will be on hand at all times. First aid in the form of painkillers and nausea medications can always be needed, as well as bug spray, patches, bandages and creams for faster wound healing. Especially pay attention to your pharmacy kit if you plan an active vacation on the mountain, as minor scratches, cuts, calluses, and similar injuries are always possible. Bring something to clean possible wounds and elastic bandages to cover them up. Those bandages will be helpful for sprained ankles too.

And speaking of emergencies, you will also want to have the contact information for a good attorney with you just in case an accident happens while driving. It is a smart part of sake travel.

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