Emergency Kit Must-Haves for Travelers

Traveling is a risky business. You’re always up against uncertainty. Yet it’s also the gamble that makes it worth the take. So to make sure you get the positive end of the experience whenever you travel, you prepare right, and you anticipate any trouble that may come along your way. That makes packing emergency kits a must regardless of whether you’re going hiking or just traveling to a European city.

Your packing list should include the basics of first aid. This does not mean you can’t find these materials where you’ll be traveling, but having them on hand makes it easier for you to respond to emergency hastily.

You can also avoid the trouble of long pharmacy lines in some countries. You never know when a material that you normally take for granted can turn up in the rarities of where you’re going. So keep this list handy, and start packing right for your next sweet adventure.

Bandages or Plasters

A staple for every travel first aid kit, bandages help keep small wounds and scrapes adequately protected from infection. For small abrasions, pack small- to medium-size bandages. Reserve larger ones like self-stick elastic bandage rolls if you are going to participate in outdoor activities that are potentially dangerous to some extent.

Remember that the adhesives on bandages lose their effect the longer they are stored, so you may want to replenish your supply every now and then.

OTC Pain Strips or Medications

Pain medication may be hard to obtain in some places. Not to mention, there’s nothing more annoying than shopping for a single pill when your headache is in full swing.

Avoid the inconvenience by packing your usual pain medicine. This is helpful for curing hangovers after a night out in Bali or hiking the beautiful trails of Hawaii. Kinesiology tapes, for instance, are exquisite for managing pain noninvasively. they’re a great pain reliever if you want to engage in strenuous exercise while you’re on a holiday.

A Pair of Tweezers

The slightest pricks and thorns can be a major cause of pain and discomfort. Even more so when you fail over and over at manually trying to take out the invading object. Don’t sweat over  it by securing a handy pair of tweezers in your travel kit. Aside from being a real savior for situations sticky situations, it can also serve a cosmetic purpose.

Small Scissors

Scissors usually come standard in most commercially available first aid boxes although you can always opt to buy one separately. Nothing is worse than not having anything to properly trim your gauze or bandages during a time of need. Have one handy. Airline security may have rules against carrying sharp-pointed scissors, so be mindful of what is allowed.

Water Purification Tablets

You never know how your internal biota will react to different food sources. Don’t risk your health if you’re going off the beaten track or traveling somewhere exotic. Water purification tablets help ensure that you get adequate hydration without harmful bacteria that can be detrimental to your digestive health.


Don’t forget your skin-care necessities. The heat, especially in some tropical countries, can really take a toll on your skin. Have the proper protection wherever you are with a reliable sunscreen with sufficient SPF power to shield you from harmful UV rays.

Hemorrhoid Wipes

Hemorrhoid wipes are excellently designed to provide quick relief for burning, itching, or stinging sensations. This makes them a great first aid not only for the nominal purpose but also for cuts, scrapes, and insect bites.

OTC Diarrhea Medicine

Just imagine spending your vacation week in a state of constant exhaustion and dehydration after trying out the exotic food bars in some far-flung destination in Asia. Diarrhea can be fatal if not managed early. And even when you do, it can really mess up an otherwise-fascinating experience. Pack a good antimotility medicine, which you can easily purchase over the counter.

Cold Medications

Every person has his or her own way to combat cold virus. But while hot tea and some rest will work just fine for some, it’s not enough for others, especially when their vacation days are too short for long bed rests.

Be sure to have your own cold kit with you, whether that be first aid lozenges for a scratchy throat or an OTC medication for full-on colds.

Your Usual Medications

Of course, if you have a condition that requires maintain medication, don’t forget to buy enough supplies that can last your whole trip. That includes medication for allergies.

Final Thoughts

An emergency kit is one of the most important items on your packing list. Make sure you do it right using this checklist.

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