Satisfy Yourself By Travelling Alone

When we think about travel, we often think of travelling with our buddies or families. Travelling with others is rarely ever a bad idea, but going solo also has wonderful benefits and something to consider. Travelling alone doesn’t mean you’re a bore or a loner. But it does mean you’re independent and able to make decisions on your own.

The next time someone asks you, “Why do you want to travel alone?” here are some reasons you can give them.

I want maximum freedom

Travelling alone is a hands down decision if you cherish your freedom. You know the deal; someone wants to go sightseeing, another wants to go shopping and another wants to sleep the day off. From the time you wake up till you sleep again, it’s all your own decisions when alone. You do what you want, at the time you want and there’s no one to answer to.

If I wait for others, I’ll never travel

Many times we have enough trouble just making an appointment with a friend to grab a cup of coffee, let alone make travel plans. It’s a busy era, and people are often having to cancel plans due to circumstances. For a cup of coffee, that’s not a big deal, but when you’ve been planning for a trip for months and making arrangements and keeping your eyes open to get the best deals, it’s a bummer when a friend bails out. If they bail out by choice, it can actually ruin your friendship. Why wait for others when you’re as free as a bird and ready to go it alone?

I don’t like drama

We all have our own annoying habits as well as our pet peeves. Some of these habits or certain personality traits don’t show up until you live with a person and travelling together is a type of temporary living together arrangement. This can cause a strain on your friendship, not just during the trip but also after it. You can find yourselves erupting into arguments about the smallest matters to the biggest ones, and the drama just might be too much for you. If you feel you’re really not prepared for travel squabbles with your friends or family, save your relationship by travelling alone.

I feel empowered

Solo travelling is a great time to discover yourself and learn some things about yourself you maybe didn’t know before. You will have time to reflect on your life and better understand yourself. The mode of travel also defines the experience for you. If you choose to travel by train, for example, you’ll have plenty of time to reflect and also enjoy stunning scenery at the same time. And the best bit is, according to there are a couple of ways for you to get the cheapest train tickets with the best quality service too. And if that doesn’t give you the empowerment to enjoy your own company, not much else will! It gives you a chance to overcome some of your fears because you’ll be put in an unfamiliar environment which will teach you how to deal with new things, such as meeting new people, eating new food and appreciating new cultures and traditions.

Who said I’m alone? It’s extremely difficult to ever feel alone when travelling, even if solo. There are people all around you, and the assumption is that part of your reason for travelling is to meet new people and get involved in different things than you’re used to. In fact, when you’re alone, you’re more approachable by others. People are often less wary to help out or mingle with a single tourist than a rowdy bunch. You might even experience better service in cafes and restaurants.

Well, that’s one last reason we could end this post with. You will learn to enjoy your own company and you’ll find out that you’re capable of doing so much. It’s also a great time to catch up on other things, like finish that book you started. Travelling alone might not be for everyone. Some people just don’t like to be by themselves and that’s alright, but you won’t know if solo travelling suits you till you try it.

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