How to Camp as a Couple

First and foremost, you must know that camping in a tent will never be a luxury stay, and constantly making comparisons will not make you happy. Camping is a unique experience! Get ready to expand your comfort zone – most likely it will be worth it! And if you feel comfortable with yourself and your surroundings, you are guaranteed to enjoy the romantic glass of wine under the stars with your loved one.

Adapt romance to the situation

Use the possibilities you have! You are camping in a winegrowing area? Then just surprise your sweetheart with a bottle of local wine. Are you in a remote place? Play with your significant other various games that will spark some fun camping experience and bond you even more. Or is the campsite near the beach? That calls for a picnic at sunset.

There are various differences in campsites: from stony earth surfaces to spotless resorts with a nice restaurant and well-equipped washrooms. Be rigorous in the selection of the campsite find your perfect spot. Maybe you want to be on a beach, somewhere near the washrooms and electricity or in some private location where you will unplug and just enjoy each other’s company.

Good preparation is everything

A comfortable tent, a warm sleeping bag, an inflatable camping couch, and a well-planned packing are priceless in this case. There are countless little things that you can use to make the camping trip more comfortable. Think in advance of what would bother you most about staying in a tent and how to solve these problems. You get cold fast? Pack extra warm clothes. Do you need a soft mattress? Invest in a good airbed. Do you like to eat well? Plan your meals in advance so you know which supplies to bring. Google the next town stores so you know where to buy food.

A tent for two

Without a tent, there is no camping, so the right choice of a tent is the most important. If you are only going for a weekend, the size of the tent is not crucial, but if you plan to walk a lot, then it is advisable to choose a smaller tent so that you do not carry too much weight on your back. Consider that there are going to be the two of you in there, and it’s not just that you both need to sleep there comfortably, but your entire luggage has to also fit in the tent. That is why it is a good option to get the one that has the foyer because that is the perfect place to put all your bags and shoes.

The perfect sleeping bed

If you don’t want to know what it means to sleep rough on a camping trip and wake up frozen in the morning, then you need to pay attention when you choose your sleeping bags. There are bags for all seasons, and you can choose the bag according to the weather conditions in which you are camping. Also, because you are going on a trip as a couple, there are a few more tips to consider:

See to get an air mattress that doesn’t need an electric pump in case there is no power on your camping site. If that is not an option, get a sea mattress that is big enough for the two of you, or bring a queen bed sheet with a rubber band so your two sea mattresses stay together as one bed. This will make your sleeping as a couple more comfortable and you won’t be so cold because you won’t be on the ground. If you don’t like to sleep apart buy sleeping bags that unzip all the way so you can sleep on one and cover both of you with the other. Also, bring a big warm blanket, as nights in a tent are always cold.

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