Fun Sports You Can Try on Vacation

Being active and adventurous is the highlight of a holiday because you experienced more, you bonded with your travel companions, you met someone new, and you have more stories to tell. On one side a holiday should be a relaxed recovery from work, and on the other, it should be filled with new experiences. You don’t need to worry if you cannot continue to play sports at home; many alpine skiing or snowboarding enthusiasts only enjoy it for one to two weeks a year.

 Swing a Golf Club

Have you ever considered vacationing near the golf course? If not, it’s time to try it. Golf is one of the sports that is truly relaxing and does not require much physical effort. It can be played by anyone. Enjoying the game does not depend on your age, gender, or lifestyle. It’s not important if you don’t have experience in this game, you can always pick up some golf tips that will set you in the right way. Golf provides some of the most beautiful views – more than any other sport. It’s an extraordinary exercise of spending the day outdoors in a walk while you play a round of the game. Golf achieves etiquette, sportsmanship and friendship.

Holiday setting Yoga

The beauty of yoga is its varieties, from the esoteric variant with many breathing exercises, to powerful Ashtanga yoga which makes even experienced athletes sweat. There are numerous suitable yoga resorts in nature that can make your holiday truly relaxing. But if you like to follow your own tempo or want to have a bonding experience with your family or friends with whom you travelled, doing yoga on a remote location can be a really intimate and empowering experience.

Hiking with Your People

Whether in the mountains or in the lowlands, on the coast or in lake areas: hiking is very much in vogue. You will do something for fitness, but at the same time, you will enjoy the scenery and the fresh air. Depending on the region and the severity of the route, hiking is for all ages. Spending an active day in nature with your friends and family is not just a great exercise; it can give you inspiration, and bring you closer to nature.

Water sports

Surf camps are not just for professionals. Even beginners will quickly find balance on the surfboard with daily training. Windy beaches with different wave heights are suitable for surfing. In most schools, there is a rental for everything you need. There are surf camps in various countries. You will stay in oceanfront accommodations with like-minded people, so this type of activity holiday is perfect for single travellers. 

Kayaking can be quite calm and contemplative, so it is suitable for those who do not like extreme sports. A kayak is a small boat that everyone can manage with minimal instructions. At the same time, rowing gives a decent workout for the muscles of the back, arms and shoulders, and the experience itself is accompanied by a sea of ​​emotions. 

Bicycle through the Landscape

If you have never ridden a bike, then summer vacation is a great opportunity to try. And it’s not just about the usual bike rental in the city: there are whole bike tours of different durations for people with different levels of training. You can combine business with pleasure and enjoy cycling through various vineyards and wineries.

Horseback Riding

You can try riding a horse in almost any country if you are ready to leave the big city for at least half a day. ​​It’s enough to search for a combination of the name of the city you travelled to and the words “horse riding”. You can be a part of a single day up to a two-week horseback riding tour. For riding, you will need comfortable shoes and long tight pants. And don’t forget the sunscreen.

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