Shopping in Estonia: Best Outlets, Malls, and Boutiques

Nowhere else in Europe will you find such a charming, comfortable, quaint little region. Estonia is a hidden little gem of the country, tiny and remote, but so worth the visit. Some come for the grand old architecture or the peace. Others come for the spectacular nature and scenery. But many still come for one thing — shopping. Well good news to them, Estonia is loaded with stores filled with local goods, many of them homemade. Here are seven of the best shopping scenes in Estonia, ranging from big centers to small, quaint boutiques.

Baltika Quarter and Fashion Street

Let’s start off with something a little familiar. This store is up and up enough to be found in New York, but it’s stuffed with local magnificence of Estonian clothing makers. You’ll find big labels of the area like Ico, Nikkolo, and Bastion, giving you plenty of splendid, sumptuous designs and colors to choose from, while still maintaining the strict local flair that Estonia is renowned for.

Kaup24 Online Store

For people who enjoy a more modern touch in their busy lives, we highly recommend Kaup24 online store. Want to know where it is? It’s right on your phone. Kaup24 is an eCommerce site that is dedicated to selling virtually everything. It’s in baltic, so it’s a bit difficult to read, but the site was extremely well-designed. Translation won’t be much of an issue here.

The homepage of the site is covered in colorful little blocks with a symbol on them. That symbol gives you a base idea of what’s ahead in that link. From there, you can browse through expert photos of the items in question and find precisely what you’re looking for. It’s truly a marvel of technology meets old-world flair.

Telliskivi Creative City

Artists, eat your hearts out because this former industrial complex has turned itself into the largest hub for creativity in the region. It’s right on the border of the old town and has become home to many local creative companies and studios. Dozens of tiny designer stores and shops, ten one-of-a-kind little eateries and cafes and more local artwork than you can shake a whole tree at, never mind a stick. Trust us, it may take you a couple of days to entirely work your way through this delightful creative hub.

Design shop Oma Asi (The Little Red House)

This tiny little shop is located on the shortest street of the old town of Tallinn and is home to some of Estonia’s most inventive and creative designers. Known affectionately as The Little Red House, you can’t miss it when you’re looking for it. It’s exactly as it sounds. This comfortable little shop is the hub for over sixty skilled and imaginative creators. Once you walk in, you’ll be taken in by the serene peace of the store, your eyes grazing slowly over every little detail. You’ll leave with maybe one or two purchases, but also a tremendous appreciation for the unusual and silent mysteries of the world.

Christmas Village and Christmas Fair in Parnu

Now we can’t not mention the Christmas village. For all those who carry the spirit of the season in their hearts all year long, this little nook is tailor-made for you. Best of all, there’s a holiday fair where you can browse through handmade ornaments and gifts. You’ll find an activity center for the kids where they can meet Santa and his helpers and a full-on cultural program complete with a cafe. In the coldest months of the year, there’s nothing like walking the streets of the Christmas village with a warm drink and admiring the sights of the season.

Jaan Parna Jewellery Gallery

Jaan Parna is one of the premier jewelry artists in all of Estonia, who finds inspiration in the very stones used in this breathtaking work. Nearly everything unique can be found here; agate, amethyst-quartz, anthophyllite, and more, all crafted into one-of-a-kind pieces you won’t find anywhere else. The creativity and technique here are utterly unmatched anywhere else, making this store a must for any true shopper.

Nounou Ceramic Studio and Gallery

This tiny studio doubles as a gallery for local artists who create their beautiful pieces by hand, often in the studio itself. Customers can come in and watch these glorious pieces dance into life on the wheel and in the hands of their makers. Everything in the store is for sale on the spot and it’s all a splendid mix of modern and handmade goods for practical and display use. The artisans may even do custom pieces.


Estonia is a one-of-a-kind place and it makes sense that its creative souls would be the same. Here, you’ll find a world where art is at the forefront and creativity is honed to perfection, a special gem, hidden away from the bustling world.

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