How To Make Your Road Trip Unforgettable

I take to the open road healthy, free, the world before me.”- Walt Whitman

Recently, the New York Times published a piece stating that despite the rise in gas prices, families are still choosing road trips as their vacation of choice. It’s obvious why this type of adventure is such a popular choice for people of all ages as it’s one of the best ways to see the country, explore at your own pace, and embrace the freedom of the open road.

Making Memories

The best way to fully enjoy your road trip is by knowing where you want to go and what you want to see. You can do this by choosing a start and endpoint and looking at all the best spots in between. There are many online resources and apps that can help you to map out your route and ensure you don’t miss out on anything worth seeing.

The point of a road trip is to enjoy the journey, not the destination. So, make plenty of stops anywhere that looks interesting, and maybe you’ll come across something unexpected and wonderful!

Avoid Over Planning 

The beauty of a road trip is spontaneity. If you have a car, you can go on a road trip whenever you choose. But that means being accepting of the unplanned, even if it’s not pleasant. Sure, you can always try to avoid traffic and car mishaps, but sometimes these things happen. Don’t let it spoil your trip. Try to see the fun and enjoyment in every moment. If your car’s giving trouble, stop at a local spot to ask for help. You could meet a friend or find a hole in the wall to enjoy a delicious meal.

Take The Right Car 

Ideally, you’d like to avoid any car trouble on the road. So, make sure you choose the right vehicle for your adventure. If you have the choice to rent, borrow, or purchase a vehicle new, a full-sized truck would be an ideal way to go. Trucks are spacious and comfortable, which makes them perfect for long drives. Road trips often entail being as comfortable in your car as possible, so you’d want something that’s not going to make you feel cramped. A full-sized truck also gives you a great vantage point, so you’ll see more of the scenery en route.

Packing Made Easy 

There are a lot of check-off list apps and packing tips to utilize when planning for a trip. The best advice is to keep it simple and not overextend yourself. You want to relax on this trip, and nobody will be relaxed if you’re packing for an unnecessarily extensive number of locations and activities.

The more activities you plan, the more you’ll have to pack and the likelihood of forgetting something important is high. Keeping it simple and embracing the journey is all you need to do for an unforgettable holiday!

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