Five Fabulous Favorites (that might be worth adding to your bucket list)

As traveling comes back to normal, it seems as though this might be a good time for taking a look at the old bucket list.

We have been fortunate enough to check off many of ours, but without a doubt the most common question we are asked about our travels is “What is your favorite place that you have been?”

We always say that it is nearly impossible to pick just one, but this handful are always among the ones that spring to mind.

We present them here in no particular order:

The Galapagos Islands:

While this volcanic archipelago is best known for the wildlife that Charles Darwin introduced the world to in his The Voyage of the Beagle, much of which is exclusive to these isolated islands, the landscape is equally awe inspiring and ever changing. Each island offered a completely new environment from lush jungle to harsh lava flows.

The giant tortoises, red and blue footed boobies, and myriads of other birds that reside in this variable habitat are completely fearless of humans so our encounters were definitely up close and personal. Under the sea brought incredible encounters as well, when we swam with sea lions, turtles, marine iguanas, and tropical penguins.

Machu Picchu:

We visited this wonder of the world on the same trip as the Galapagos which, while providing for a fortnight of supreme sensory overload, made up the trip of a lifetime.

The inexplicable ruins more than deserve their stature as a bucket list must see, with their inexplicable architecture and sensational setting high in the Andes mountains, but there is much more to the area than the famous lost city, the entire Sacred Valley had us amazed at every turn.


We haven’t been everywhere (although it seems like it sometimes), but this might just be the friendliest place on earth! Although we were obviously “from away” we were welcomed with open arms at every stop.

We even got Screeched in, making us honorary citizens, better known as Newfies.

After our adventure we are convinced that the best way to see this amazing Atlantic outpost is by RV since, despite the fact that it is an island, we drove to Newfoundland.

Queensland, Australia:

Veronica is crazy for animals, any animals, so with the opportunity to hold a koala, pet kangaroos, see Tasmanian devils, walk by wallabies, cross paths with a cassowary, watch wombats, get to know kookaburras,  touch an echidna, and even feed crocs, Australia was an instant favorite in her book.

Add to that the chance to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef and its no wonder we rate Queensland near the top of our list.

Cajun Country:

We wouldn’t want to overlook the good ol’ U S of A, and we don’t because we always include the unique culture that occupies the land of south Louisiana known as Acadiana in our tally of top choices.

This is not New Orleans, although we love the Big Easy too, Cajun Country has a history all of its own that traces back to Canada over a century ago.

So those are our most prevalent picks, but since we could hardly limit ourselves to only five destination we will add honorable mentions to Tanzania and Shanghai.

Wait, also Alaska, and Italy, and Prague, and so on, and so on, and so on…

David & Veronica,

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11 thoughts on “Five Fabulous Favorites (that might be worth adding to your bucket list)”

  1. Thanks for sharing fabulous places to visit.. If god willing definitely make a plan to visit.

  2. These are very nice and beautiful place to visit and have some amazing experience of world’s. Thanks for sharing five fabulous favorites.

  3. The Galapagos Islands is one of the best place and it have so many good things to enjoy. Your post is really interesting and stunning photos you shared.

  4. These are really very awesome places to visit and have some amazing experience of world’s beautiful creations.

  5. Looks like I’ll have another place to visit while traveling through galapagos… stunning!

  6. Great, These are amazing places and you shared good activities of these place. its really enjoyable and stunning photos you shared.

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