Finding and Feeling France Like Never Before

“Lafayette, we are here!” The exclamation may have first been made by Colonel Charles E. Stanton in a speech in Paris during the First World War, but we certainly feel the sentiment.

France is fast becoming a second home for us, ever since our eldest moved to Paris in 2017.

So in keeping with our relentless quest to see the country every which way we can, by bikes, by boat, by car, at high speed, or lingering like locals, we are taking to the waterways again, this time as guests on the luxury barge Clair De Lune on the Canal du Midi.

Not only will we be traveling like we never have before, with just a handful of cohorts aboard a vessel unlike any we have sailed on, we will also be discovering a part of France that we have never visited, the Occitanie region.

No wonder we are so excited!

The Canal du Midi was created from 1666 to 1681 as one of the greatest infrastructure projects of the time. Ultimately connecting the Mediterranean with the Atlantic across one hundred and fifty miles, this was an engineering feat to rival all others until a certain ditch was dug across the Isthmus of Panama several centuries later. Who knew?

We won’t be covering the entire route, but will discover marvelous Minervois wines and luscious Lucques olives while exploring the historic settlements of Lagrasse , Minerve , Narbonne, and Carcassonne as we stop along the route.

While we cruise we will be sharing all of our adventures on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram as well as posting daily updates right here on this page.

So come along and join us on this Bon Voyage!

Then check back here over the next few weeks for in-depth coverage of everything we encountered after our epic journey.

David & Veronica,

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A big thank you to France Cruises for providing this adventure, as always, all opinions are our own.

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