The Best Places in the World for Whale Watching

There are a number of places across the globe that are good for whale watching. Depending on the season and the country you are in, you can see a variety of whales throughout the year. From the mighty and mythical blue whale to the more common humpback whale, in this blog we’ll try and highlight some of the places where you can see the kings of the sea in their natural habitats.

Humpback Whales – Humpback whales are quite spread out geographically but getting to see them requires local knowledge and years of experience. St Lawrence Marine Park in Quebec, Canada is a great place to see both beluga whales and humpback whales. The best time to see them in this part of the world is between June and September. Another great place to spot humpback whales is Australia, with whale watching in Sydney particularly rewarding from May to August when the annual migration of humpback whales from Antarctica to Queensland takes place.

Blue Whales – There are opportunities to see the biggest animal that has ever lived off the south coast of Sri Lanka between November to April/May. These majestic creatures are relatively common here, but care must be taken to ensure the operator conducts the tour with a degree of respect for the whales. In the absence of any real regulations regarding the welfare of marine life, you will need to perform due diligence before you hand over any money.

Orca Whales – According to many marine biologists, the best place to see Orca (killer) whales in their natural environment is Resurrection Bay in south east Alaska. The best time of year is between May 5th to June 5th as the bay is full of king salmon which provides a welcome annual food source for the Orcas.

Sperm Whales – The distribution of the sperm whale is wide and varied and can be seen in the seas off countries as diverse as Iceland, Dominica, Sri Lanka. Mexico, Norway and New Zealand. Although they are distributed quite widely, seeing these magnificent mammals in their natural habitat really is a sight to behold and if you get the opportunity to see them you should.

Selecting an Operator

Unless you are local to whale marine habitat or have extensive experience in skippering a god sized boat, the chances are you will need a tour operator to arrange your Long Beach whale watching trip, but beware, some operators are much better than others.

In places like Canada, Australia and New Zealand there are strict regulations regarding whale watching tours, including safety regulations and animal welfare regulations. In certain places, particularly in Asia, any type of safety regulations or regard to animal welfare can be ignored as long as money is being made. If you think a whale watching tour operator is operating with little or no regard to animal welfare or safety, think carefully before you book a trip. Your money will encourage them to carry on, regardless of safety or ethical considerations.

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