Should You Buy a New or Used Travel Trailer?

So you are keen to get your hands on a travel trailer and start enjoying the freedom it brings. To make the most of getting away for short breaks and long weekends at a fraction of the cost a hotel or resort break would cost, and to enjoy combining the benefits of camping with the comfort of a bed and a private bathroom.

The big question now is whether you should buy a new or used travel trailer. There are pros and cons for both options, so making the right decision means looking at both options and figuring out which one is both the most achievable and the most suitable for your lifestyle and budget.

The pros of buying a used travel trailer

They cost less

The first and most obvious advantage is you save money; exactly how much of course depends on your budget, but this route is always going to be cheaper than buying a new travel trailer.

They often come with extras

The previous owners often leave lots of little things behind like coat hooks that they have added to make the trailer comfortable.

There’s spare cash to customize

When you get a bargain there’s probably cash left over to change the décor to suit your tastes.

The cons of buying a used travel trailer

You may buy a lemon

The guarantee on a used travel trailer will be shorter than if you bought a new one, so it’s a risk as you cannot know how long it will run without needing work.


It’s inevitable that an older trailer will need more work at some point than a new model, so if you buy cheap it may be better to avoid making very long trips.

The pros of buying a new travel trailer


In some cases you can choose everything from the color to the interior layout.

A full warranty

Nothing should go wrong but you can be sure if anything that does will be dealt with quickly and at no cost. A good warranty can last for three years.

The thrill

There’s nothing like being the first ever person to own a travel trailer. Everything is completely fresh and new, and that includes the most up to date technology.

The cons of buying a new travel trailer

The expense

As with any vehicle you can expect to lose 10-30% of the value simply by using it for the first time. It will drop further after the first year, so a new trailer is not a very good investment.

You are paying a premium price for extras you may not really want or need, or where a much cheaper alternative may be easily available.

Taking the first step

Make a start by looking online at available travel trailers and see which companies have been voted top of the bunch.

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