7 Things You Should Definitely Pack For Your Next Goa Trip

Where are you heading for your next vacay? Goa? Now that’s a good choice. But just booking the hotel rooms and travel tickets are not enough to ensure smooth vacation. Planning things ahead saves you from a lot of headache and allows you to enjoy the trip. According to your stay period and preferences, make a list of things to do and items to carry. Here are a few things everyone must pack.

1. The Savior- Sunscreen

You better not leave for Goa without a sunscreen. It is as essential as oxygen out there in the open sun. Unless you want that stubborn uneven tan and damage on your skin. Get a non-greasy waterproof sunscreen with SPF above 50. Armor in place, let’s face the sun now.

2. Sarong, Scarf, Hat or Cap

Carry extra clothing and other items to protect yourself from the sun like sarongs, scarfs, hats or caps. Hats and caps provide a shield for your hair. Sarongs are the stylish cover ups that you can use with any dress or swimwear after a fun day at the beach or just a simple walk, isn’t it one of the best things to do in Goa? There are certainly no second opinions on that.

3. Essential Cosmetics

Goa is sunny, humid and the air is salty. So better be prepared to protect your face, body and hair from getting tanned, dry and brittle. Carry lip balm to moisturize your lip regularly because it’s going to be chapped and cracked. Conditioner is also a must as the ocean water will take its toll. Also, a lightweight body lotion will come in handy more often than not.

4. Right Footwear

Two to three pairs of footwear will be more than enough for the trip. Flip flops, sandals and floaters are the right choice as most of the time you’ll be on the beach and travelling to nearby places. Make sure they are comfortable to be worn for a long time. Also carry a formal pair to enter those night clubs hosting lit parties. Avoid heels, boots etc.

5. Cotton Clothes and Shorts

Uncomfortable clothes can take the fun out of your vacation. Cotton clothes are the most preferred for having a gala time in Goa as they are easy breezy, doesn’t add to the temperature, keeps you cool and keeps rashes at bay. Shorts are the best choice for everyone. Pack light colored cotton dresses, t-shirts and shirts, plus some swimwear, tank tops, sleeveless t-shirts etc.

6. Sunglasses

Besides being a style statement, sunglasses protect your eyes from the direct sunlight which are harmful and is in abundance out there. You can be rest assured that sunglasses never go out of style so not just for the beach it’ll come in handy all the time. Mirror finish ones are in at the moment and they do the best job of reflecting sun rays. The best part? They do not take much space!

7. First Aid

First aid is necessary for any trip that you take. It should have essentials like band aid, plasters, scissors, antiseptic cream, antacid tablets, skin rash cream, painkillers and a good amount your own medications, you don’t want to run out of those while vacationing. Along with those items don’t forget handy sanitizers and wet wipes. Being prepared for medical emergencies always pays off.

Beach trips are always fun and rewarding and when it is Goa, it is the ultimate choice. Get all the things mentioned above to enjoy your vacation to the max. Once you set off, leave all the tension and worries behind and just let loose. Make lots of good memories and don’t forget to click a lot of photos. Have a good time!

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