Bucket-List Motorcycle Rides in America

For motorcyclists, the thrill of the open road is difficult to deny. There are few better ways to experience the natural beauty of America than while white-knuckling a Harley, and this year, as the temperature begins to rise, riders everywhere are gearing up with their Bridgestone motorcycle tires in preparation for some of the most jaw-dropping rides in the continental United States.

Below are a few routes that every biker should have on their bucket list.

The Pacific Coast Highway

There are routes every rider should take at least once in their lifetime, and the scenic Pacific Coast is one of them. With blissful views of the ocean blue waves and the sea salt spray on your face, this ride is not only thrilling but also deeply spiritual. The quaint surf towns along the coast are known for their slow pace and quintessentially Californian vibe.

If you’re an Angeleno looking to get away, this is your perfect opportunity. The coastline is a hideaway from city dwellers and even provides a respite from celebrities, who exist comfortably in the smaller communities they stop in along the way. Riders often start out in metropolitan Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Santa Barbara with the intention of slowly exiting the urban sprawl and finding quiet, scenic beach towns to rest their heads.

Old-fashioned bed-and-breakfasts, mom-and-pop diners, and artisanal coffee shops are becoming increasingly popular along the coast. This will only continue as tourists, including those on motorcycles, figure out why the Pacific Coast Highway is the best place in California to get a breath of fresh air.

Beartooth Highway

Not for the faint of heart, Beartooth Highway has earned the well-deserved honor of “best motorcycle ride in the States” by plenty of experienced riders over the years. It consistently draws escapists looking for a truly introspective experience. This highway winds through mountainous terrain in the rugged states of Wyoming and Montana.

Whether you choose to sleep at the local campgrounds or track down retro motels along the way, this is a ride for the adventurer with an appreciation for the backwoods and blue highways of America. Unlike the site for shore eyes luxury campgrounds in the south, you’re likely to find a true Wild West experience under the Montana stars.

Despite the lack of glaringly obvious tourist destinations along Beartooth, there is one exception: the highway passes through Yellowstone National Park, a must-see for everyone in the world, not just those who see it from behind a protective motorcycle visor.

North Lansing Loop

Those local to the Midwest understand that Michigan is a great state for motorcycle rides, even if it might not seem like it. Is it really a surprise that the Rust Belt boasts some of the best routes? Although Detroit is seeing a renaissance of sorts, the rest of the state appears almost custom designed for motorcycle riders.

The North Lansing Loop circles through a collection of semi-rural towns, including Laingsburg and Dewitt, and a visit to Sleepy Hollow State Park is a must during the spring and autumn seasons when the Michigan colors are on display.

The ride takes you through farmland and forested areas, but don’t forget to head into Lansing itself as a treat to yourself once you complete the trek. The city offers a variety of attractions that appeal to tourists and locals alike. Take the LAN150 challenge and see all the best Lansing has to offer.

Hitting the road

Unfortunately, every car accident attorney in America is also well aware of the dangers of having an affinity for motorcycles.

It’s often difficult for drivers to notice motorcycles due to their small size and the fact that they present an unexpected sight on the road. Consider, too, the fact that only 20 states currently enforce universal mandatory helmet laws.

In spite of the fact that these dangers are well known to just about everyone by now, no experienced rider is willing to turn up their Harley Davidson leather jacket quite yet. The allure of the wild, unfettered terrain remains too great for the lover of the open road.

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