Emergencies on the Road and How to Deal with Them

So, you have already booked a flight to a tropical island somewhere in the Mediterranean. You are now visualizing yourself, sipping a cocktail by the Aegean Sea. The cool, blue waters are inviting you to take a splash. You submit and a moment later, you are in your best swimwear ready to take on the warm Greek weather.

Now, as you frolic in the water, a sharp pain suddenly takes hold of your ankle. You are expecting a shark or at least a beautiful son of Poseidon trying to drag you down to the depths. Your assumptions couldn’t be more wrong, as you are instead being terrorized by a cramp.

You wake up from this dream and realize the fact that anything can happen on the road. No matter how prepared we seem to be, we will still be at the mercy of uncontrollable circumstances along the way.

With that being said, it pays to be a wise traveller, and by that we mean a traveller who is well prepared for any eventuality — from ankle cramps to lost luggage.

Here are just some of the most critical situations that could happen to every traveller, as well as the ways on how best to deal with them.

Dental issues

Don’t you hate when you are treated to a seafood buffet but your impacted wisdom tooth acts up? In such a case, you can either skip the buffet or take the risk by stuffing your mouth, no matter how painful it would get.

No one likes to experience a dental issue, especially when it’s vacation time. It takes the fun out of important activities, most of which involve consuming large amounts of food. You will have to find emergency dental care while travelling so you will be able to make the most out of your gastronomic adventures.

Pro tip:
As much as possible, get your teeth fixed before leaving. If there’s a tooth you want to fill out, then have your dentists fill it out as soon as possible. The same goes for issues that your dentists would recommend for you to fix. Also, it is very important to practice good oral hygiene wherever you go.

Injuries and wounds

Hiking up a mountain trail? Expect to come down covered with rashes and bruises from the many instances you tripped, slid, and passed out. Injuries are very common for a traveller, but this shouldn’t give you any assurances that you will be safe throughout the journey.

Indeed, when you are in an isolated area and far from the nearest emergency services, you will have to invoke your inner Rambo when it comes right down to treating a wound.

Pro tip:
It may sound so cliche at this point, but carrying a first aid kit can actually save your life. Come to think of it, knowing how to use this kit is more important if you want to survive in the harsh wilderness.

Common flu or cold

Are sneezing uncontrollably while you are on a train en route to Oslo? Consider yourself sensitive to the biting cold of the Scandinavian climate. In such a case, you may as well stop dead in your tracks and wait until you are well enough to hit the road again.

Pro tip:
Get yourself checked by a physician before travelling. That way, you will be more aware of your conditions and your doctor will prescribe medications that you can buy at any pharmacy across the globe.

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