All You Need to Know About Trains in Norway

While other trains just simply serve as a means of transport, Norway Trains like to prove otherwise as they move through isolated mountain plateaus or even to rich green valleys which are considered as something rarely viewed. With a distance of 4,000 km long, the Norwegian railway network has a total of 775 tunnels with bridges greater than 3,000. If you belong to the total population who don’t own a car while in the middle of Norway Tours, you better opt for the trains at Norway to get a closer view of nature.

The Bergen Line

The Oslo to Bergen train trip is considered to be one of the most famous railway journeys because of a very good reason—fascinating sceneries. This railway is also called the Bergen Line, where two of the largest cities of Norway were connected across the striking Hardangervidda plateau. The railway is also placed at approximately 1,237 meters above sea level, making it the highest mainline railway journey in Northern Europe. Due to the high altitude of the railway, the scenery for the trip is indeed breath-taking and dramatic.

Tips for Travelling in Trains While in Norway

When you opt for travelling via trains in Norway, you should never miss doing the golden rule—purchasing tickets in advance. Buying train tickets in advance has its perks in Norway. For instance, buying a train ticket for a trip via the Oslo to Bergen railway will cost you 950 kroner. However, purchasing tickets a day in advance will make you qualify for a minipris fares. So instead of spending 950 kroner, you probably will have to spend only 350-500 kroner.

However, these fares only have a limited number, and they’re usually sold out in peak season, which is probably from June to August. Therefore, the earlier you book for your tickets the more chances of qualifying for a low fare. However, you still have to keep in mind that the fares for every trip in the Norwegian railway are non-refundable.

Most of the train trips in Norway are comfortable, as they are equipped with a buffet car, lots of power outlets, and free wifi. But not all trains have available power outlets in the normal class. By paying an additional 90 kroner, each of the trains offers different komfort class. Although making an extra payment doesn’t guarantee a first class standard, available power sockets, an upgraded seat and free hot drinks from the vending machine will be given to you.

There is also an available night train on the main lines connecting major cities. These night trains have sleeping compartments alongside the regular train carriages. All of the passengers travelling on night trains are given a night kit containing ear plugs, an eye mask, and a blanket for comfort during the trip.

On Norwegian Railway

Aside from the beauty of nature that you can enjoy, a lot of perks and advantages can be experienced during a trip on the trains of Norway. While on a Norway Tour, using trains for transport is probably the best option since it connects major cities. With all the things you can receive and view while on the trip, travelling by rail is probably one of the finest travel bargains you can acquire in Norway.

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