The Best Productivity Tips For The Digital Nomad Business Leader

There’s something so amazing about being a digital nomad business leader and  finding affordable SEO services certainly helps. So many people go to their nine to five jobs, in offices, having to suffer through long commutes and the stress of their boss constantly checking in on their work.

But you’re lucky, and you’re living the life you want to. You travel where you want to, work on your own time, and get to take breaks whenever you please. But sometimes, it can be hard to stay motivated. The high price of such freedom is that you sometimes wake up late, distracted, and you don’t know how to get your laptop open and start answering emails or working on projects.

That’s why it’s important to have the right strategies for staying productive. Whether you’re a travel blogger or you’re running an online store, here are some great ways to stay motivated as a digital nomad business leader.

1 Get off of social media

 One of life’s greatest distractions in 2018 is social media. It’s no surprise, considering that Facebook has even admitted to making their notifications and sharing as addictive as drugs. And we’re spending so much time on our phones these days that the average American spends approximately 24 hours a week online, according to a study from MIT. Even as a digital nomad, up in the mountains in a faraway country, you aren’t safe: WiFi is everywhere these days, which is great for business, but not so great for social media distractions.

That’s why you need to find a way to control the interaction you have with social media while you’re working. Turn off your phone, and use an app to block your computer. Freedom, which costs only $2.42 a month, will block apps and websites for an amount of time you choose so that you can focus on your work. And if you think you’re suffering from addiction, check out this article on how to do a detox right.

2 Create a daily routine–no matter where you are

 Whether you’ve just started being a digital nomad or you’ve been one for ten years, there’s no denying it: there’s something so magical about that plane landing in a new city or country. The moment you’ve gone through passport control, all you want to do is explore this new land. After all, that’s part of why you became a digital nomad in the first place. But with deadlines and responsibilities looming, it may not be the best idea to have an adventure just yet.

That’s why it’s so important to have a routine you follow, no matter where you are. Do you prefer working at cafes just around the corner from the hostel? Then the second you check in, ask for recommendations. Decide how many hours you want to spend a day working, and how many will be dedicated to exploring this new place. If you work better around other people, research digital nomad hostels or coworking spaces in the area. In areas like Asia, where 45 percent of digital nomads “reside,” you’re sure to find a place where you can get your work done. Digital nomads are particularly spoilt for choice outside of Asia, with cities such as Sydney providing a wide variety of shared workspaces to cater to their every need.

3 Make sure you always have wifi

 As a digital nomad, you know how important it is to be connected. Whether you’re a CMO remotely designing brands for businesses in the US and Europe, or you’re a web developer working with a team that’s half in Italy and half in India, you need to be online. You’re always chatting with them over Slack, discussing different projects, and you’re ready at all times to answer an email from a potential client or business partner. But if you arrive in a new city and you suddenly don’t have wifi–then that can have devastating effects on your business.

Generally speaking, you need to guarantee that your hostel or AirBnB has wifi. Call them up before flying, and make sure that this technology is still available. If you’re traveling to a country where there could be a potential blackout or technology isn’t very advanced, bring a back-up with you. This could be your phone if you’ve got an international plan and tethering abilities, or it could be one of these best wifi hotspots for travelers. And because these strategies may fail for even this reason, be sure to have a backup plan–for example, a colleague who will manage things for you in case you don’t show up online.

As you can see, being productive as a digital nomad business leader is all about being prepared for the unexpected, and understanding what distracts you most so that you can plan with those distractions in mind.

 What’s your greatest challenge when it comes to getting your work done? How do you face this challenge so that you can be more productive?

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