Why Bali is the perfect spot for digital nomads

Bali is fast turning into a favorite digital nomad destination in the world, and for some good reasons. After all, everything here meets the needs of a digital nomad perfectly. The beautiful scenery, fascinating culture, and an incredible food scene make it a very easy place to live in. People are warm and friendly. Bali hotels are simply great and cater to the needs and budget of every kind of traveler. Many people, after a trip to Bali, are already planning to come back. Read on to learn what makes is the ideal spot for digital nomads!

A comfortable rhythm in your life

There are very few places on earth that can make you feel at home and let your hair down. Thus, it is no surprise to see why so many digital nomads have set up a base here.   Within no time, they are able to find a comfortable rhythm in their life here. They can work, enjoy surfing, and relax with locals and enjoy quality time. They can experience unusual places as well as work. It is easy and cheap to explore Bali that is known for its diversity and multi-faceted character.

Funky co-working spaces

Bali is fun to be in and thanks to the growing number of digital nomads, there are a number of co-working spaces mushrooming all over. It is indeed a joy to work within those spaces and enjoy fresh, healthy food. Canggu town and Ubud are incredible destinations for digital nomads.  Canggu is well-known for its trendy cafes, rice paddies, and beachfront bars. Both Ubud and Canngu are very popular among digital nomads as there is an overall laid back and bohemian vibes here. Moreover, they can be easily reached from the airport. There are numerous places to work, and they could be inside a house or a café. The interiors are warm and comfortable.

Affordable costs of living

Another reason why Bali is popular among digital nomads is the lower costs and affordable lodging. Bali is one of the cheapest spots across the world. One can easily get away on US$30 a day per person, complete for their food, accommodation, and transport. Eat local food and stay at one of the most affordable but good hotels. Take advantage of booking hotel online to get the right deals. Some of the hotels with air-conditioned rooms and swimming pools cost just US$20/night!

Reliable and High-Speed Internet

Bali have improved dramatically when it comes to broadband connections and speed of the internet.  WiFi is everywhere since the introduction of 4G and fiber optics. The typical connection speed is 512kbps – 2mbps which is available at most hotels and cafes. Mobile connection is easy to get and fast. Netflix and Skype are no problem. Using a VPN can help speed things up.

Work amidst Beautiful Sights

You find yourself surrounded by beautiful landscape of lush jungles and rice paddies. There is no wonder why you feel motivated to work. You can gaze at ancient temples, walk through the verdant rice terraces or relax on one of the white-sand beaches. Visit those fascinating museums when you take a break from your work. You can spend half of the day working and the rest exploring the island. Most attractions are within an hour’s drive. You can visit the monkey forest and explore the nature reserve with a whole lot of cheeky monkeys. Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Bali are simply amazing.

There is truly a corner in Bali for everyone and for every kind of traveler. With a comfortable workspace, proper chairs and super-fast WiFi amidst the beautiful surrounding of nature, what more could a digital nomad ask for?

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