Czech Food!

Dumplings, goulash, sauerkraut and MEAT! Oh, and delish street food…mmmmmm! The Czech Republic is a dumpling based society, and good thing we love dumplings! Bread, potato and BACON all of this deliciousness:

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8 thoughts on “Czech Food!”

  1. That pastry at the end is delicious! We enjoyed those in Romania so much we thought about starting a booth here at home at the local outdoor shopping venue, lol. 🙂

  2. Oh gosh this food does remind me of Germany and Austria! Love dumplings, in fact, had a trio of them one night recently for dinner in Innsbruck. Also had a Budweiser beer in Budapest. Hate Bud in the states but this was very good beer!

  3. I was in Prague back in 99 – it felt like it was still in it’s early days of tourism – which was great with us! Lots of delicious food and absurdly cheap. The only weird thing was some grayish gelatinous meat product we encountered twice… I don’t really want to know what it was LOL.

  4. So not only did I enjoy your trip with you but could almost savor the meats and the wonderful dishes. Like I told you before, my dream is to visit Prague some day. Yum! Good food! Good thing I am not vegetarian.

  5. We’ve visited Czech once…about a year ago now, and it was easily the best food we’ve ever had. Every single establishment we went to had great food…even our hotel had a great breakfast!!

    There are many reasons to go to Czech, but the food alone could get me to go. 🙂

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