St. Croix Appy Crawl #2

For this evening’s
Appy Crawl, we have decided to hit three of Christiansted’s most
established eateries. To make the crawl more lively, we are hitting
the town in the teeth of tourist season—the people watching/meeting
was SPECTACULAR! We meet a couple on their honeymoon, escaping
the cold of Philly with an interesting toasting style (Cheers,
Big Ears). Then, a woman who worked for Frank Zappa in the 70s—a
true Gypsy Nester—she has just finished raising her son and
now is an artist/botanist/traveler. Kudos! Overheard a foursome
using a beautiful meal as a vehicle to whine about the horrors
of bad domestic help. Accosted by a passionate Italian hell-bent
on trading our condo for his sailboat—apparently, he’s fallen
in love with St. Croix.

and Jane Kendrick have a beautiful garden of palm trees,
innovative foods, and fabulous service. Candlelit, dreamy
and a well appreciated menu with a large print! We sat at
the bar tonight and tried out a few appys:

Char Sui with Asian Slaw, Soy Wasabi Vinaigrette

A barely there char on a deliciously fresh tuna, nice wallop
from the wasabi

Alaskan King
Crab Cakes with Lemon Habanero Tartar Sauce

Does St. Croix have crabs, you ask? Yep, and people eat them, too.
But they’re land dwelling little fellas and these cakes definitely
benefited from

their Alaskan cousins. The consistency was crabtensive
and juicy. The tartar sauce was yummy.

A quick note on Italian whites—watch out for the lighter alcohol
content, you get that funny metalic “turned” taste. As
a wise Italian once told us, “Italian white wines should never
cross over the Alps.” If you can’t drink it in Asti, then try
to stick to 12% by volume at least, it handles the plane ride better
than the by-the-glasses we had at Kendricks. We took a peek at the
Kendricks wine list—some really nice whites live there, they
may want to rethink the reds. But who drinks red in the Caribbean


Hidden away upstairs past the sign that says “These steps
are ancient and irregular.”These
folks know their food! The staff is aware of culinary nuisances
and are very willing to share their thoughts. The menu has
a fun flair, naming gourmet dishes “Get the Duck Outta

Here” and “Try This Rasta’s Pasta” keeps
it casual. We didn’t miss snooty pretense one little bit.

Dancing To Our Old Beet”

Pay attention here: A salad of roasted beets, greens, candied pecans,
gorgonzola with white truffle oil. Oh. My. God. Veronica
has been seen devouring a piece of cardboard

drizzled with truffle
oil and a smile on her face, so this salad seriously rocked her

Ravioli of the Day
Tonight’s had lobster, garlic, leeks and other deliciousness. The
pasta was so meaty, it was like eating a steak. The crème sauce
was lovely.

Also, a wonderful spiny lobster bisque and a well rounded wine list.

On the Boardwalk

A short
stroll to the Christiansted Boardwalk and the romantic,
on-the-water Rumrunners. We loved this place, complete with
huge tarpons swimming right up to shore sniffing around
for scraps. We came in a bit late, but our waitress was
very happy to have us come in for dessert. We snagged a
water-side table.

Chocolate Torte

Not messing around, this dessert. Dark, dark, dark and decadent.

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Appy Crawl Philosophy

David & Veronica,

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One thought on “St. Croix Appy Crawl #2”

  1. I'm jealous. St. Croix is one of my favorite islands, right up there with St. John. We haven't been there since 1980. Time is way-y-y past to go back.

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