The Ultimate Baby Boomer & Empty Nester Gift Guide!

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Baby Boomers and Empty Nesters!

Ah, the holidays are upon us, and as sure as the season’s first chills — and the smell of turkey fills the air — the madness of Black Friday cannot be far behind.

Your thoughtful GypsyNesters want to save everyone a trip through the horrifying madness that goes on at the malls this time of year by sharing this handy–dandy gift guide!

We gathered up all of our don’t leave home without them travel items — along with cheeky and fun presents for baby boomers and empty nesters of all walks of life — and put them all together so you can shop without ever leaving the comfort of your festively decorated house.

It’s a simple as following Rudolph’s blinkin’ beacon on a foggy Christmas Eve.

Adjustable On Air
Neck Pillow

First up, a couple of stocking stuffers. Veronica never gets on a plane, train, or any other form of transportation, without her inflatable neck pillow.

The best thing about these little comfy cushions, aside from preventing a trip to the chiropractor, is that they are also de-flatable, for easy packing.

Canon PowerShot G16
Digital Camera,
Wi-Fi Enabled

Of course we can’t go anywhere without a camera to document our adventures. We absolutely love our Canon PowerShot G16. It takes fantastic pictures and videos, as seen throughout

The quality is the best we have found in a camera this size, and — yes, size does matter — at least when carrying a camera.

One more feature that sets it apart is the built in WiFi that downloads photos to any device, which really jingles our bells.

Wearing my Rhea Footware in the canals of St. Petersburg

We love our Rheas so much we asked the company if they’d like to offer a 20% discount to our peeps so they may try them out too!

Use our exclusive Rhea Footwear discount coupon code by clicking here, and using GYPSYNESTER at check out.

Bluffworks Travel Pants

We certainly can’t be gallivanting all over the globe without any pants, so these travel khakis from Bluffworks come in mighty handy.

David loves his Bluffworks! They go from daytime adventures to nights on the town seamlessly. Best of all, they come out of the suitcase looking perfectly pressed.

Even Kris Kringle couldn’t put a wrinkle in these on his rounds.

See why David loves his Bluffworks so much!

4-Wheeler Suitcase

So is a rolling suitcase, and we have learned to love the kind with four wheels for their versatile, any direction motion ability, all while remaining perfectly upright.

It’s also expandable, so none of your stuff will ever have to sing Why Don’t I Fit In like those misfits Rudolph and Hermey.

Gifts for Boomers- Empty Nester's First Christmas Ornament
Ornaments for Empty Nester’s  First Christmas 

We realize that life isn’t all about travel.

This time of year we want to trim the tree, give goofy gifts, and fill the house with music.

We think that we might have just the things – especially for us empty nesters.

These colorful ornaments can lift the spirits of any newly empty-nested parent.

Also a nice gift wrapping element! Available in many styles and colors – and customizable.

Our exclusive line of GypsyNester Gifts!
Gifts For Boomers: Tee Shirts Gifts For Boomers: Coffee Mugs Gifts For Boomers: Kitchen and Garden Aprons
Shirts & Tees Mugs Kitchen & Garden Aprons

Or for the more experienced empty nester on your list, these cheeky shirts, mugs, and aprons should certainly put a bounce in even a grumpy Bumble.

See our full line of GypsyNester gifts! All items available in many styles and colors – and customizable.

Gifts for Boomers: Music

Just in case there is a music lover residing on your Nice list, we have all of the tunes heard on our online videos available right here and here.

For those who might not know, that is David writing, performing, and singing on all of them.

Gifts for Boomers - Going Gypsy: One Couple's Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All

And don’t forget the perfect present for any parent that has faced, or is about to face, that Now What? moment that hits us all when the last chick leaves the nest — a copy of our bestselling book, GOING GYPSY: One Couple’s Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All.

We wish you a happy, humorous, and healthy, holiday season – filled with the joy that an advent of avoiding the crowds and ignoring how many shopping days are left until Christmas can bring.

And remember… when reaching to place a star upon the highest bough, that Bumbles bounce!

David & Veronica,

YOUR TURN: Which gifts would you like to see under your tree? Did we spark some gift-giving ideas? Anything we should add?

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32 thoughts on “The Ultimate Baby Boomer & Empty Nester Gift Guide!”

  1. You’ve got me thinking about cameras. We’ve been very happy with Sony (and the great pics that an iPhone 6 can take), but I like to keep my eyes open for new options. Hubby doesn’t get on a plane without a neck pillow either. I’ll check out the one you mentioned. Happy holiday shopping! 🙂

  2. Per your recommendation I’ll be trying TEP Wireless Mobile Wifi next week in Germany. Can’t wait to see how it works for me. Thanks for the terrific recommendations!

  3. A great gift guide – lots of things on there I’d like for myself. I didn’t even know about that TEP device – I’m going straight over to their site to check it out.

  4. What some fab suggestions. I would like the elves to deliver the Canon camera under my tree please – the wifi option sounds just the ticket. Q – do you find your iPad easy to blog on? I’m wondering if mine is just out-dated but WordPress doesn’t seem to synch well.

  5. So wish I didn’t have my Canon DSLR and the 3 extra lenses and the all the other stuff. Weighs me down. I’ve heard great things about the Canon you mentioned. Love how it has built-in Wifi. Checked out the Bluffworks and sadly they only make them for men. I’ll have to keep searching. Thanks for all the ideas!

  6. We enjoy and love so many of the travel items you mentioned, especially the spinner suitcases and our own Cannon cameras with the very same features that you so appreciate. I’m going to check out the bluffworks pants for Richard and also David’s music. Maybe we’ll gift these items to ourselves!

    1. Thanks Anita. Aren’t the Canon cameras great? David really does love his Bluffworks pants. They look good and are great for packing. He’s not one for ironing anything (well, neither am I).

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